I am lion…hear me ROOOOOAAAAHR!!!

29 June , 2010

Even though I had a pretty cool day I am more than ready to curl up in a ball and pretend to be dead for a bit now. This day can kiss my ass quite frankly.

Let me bring you up to speed a bit, shall I? 😉

Firstly, Clock-Card (previously known as New Girl) and I squared off this morning on a tiny matter of appropriate office behaviour (hers, not mine). I believe I won this round (regardless of what you may have heard I don’t just randomly fly off the handle at people – I usually pick my battles carefully). Anyhoo, she performed the dance of the sulky teenager by slamming various items on the desk and whacking doors of cupboards closed and storming off…good show but a little bit wasted on the audience that didn’t have time to stop and admire the tantrum. She came back eventually and pretended nothing happened. One day she’s going to brake something with one of these performances, but as long as it’s her own stuff she smacks about like that I don’t really care.

The rest of the day was busy but without major incident. We’re headed for possibly the biggest milestone of our top secret project come Thursday, and there’s a lot that needs to be done before then, so everyone has to pitch in where they can.

Then I came home. I was so excited to see my gorgeous daughter after a looooong day at the salt mines, but she was having an off day herself so it wasn’t as much fun as you may have expected.

Poor kid…she loves peaches but they don’t seem to love her back. She’s got terrible cramps and it’s upset her stomach quite a bit – so she went off food for the afternoon. She’s so hungry, but she refuses to eat anything.

What – a – mission!

Eveeeeeentually she calmed down enough for me to give her some Buscopan for the cramps (bless the soul who came up with that stuff – please could you come up with a version that actually tastes semi-okay next?), and after that settled her cramps she had some formula and rooibos tea too.

Looking at her sleeping so peacefully now it’s hard to believe exactly how un-peaceful she was earlier. My nerves I tell you! (bless the little soul who came up with Resque drops too – note to self: must stock up on a bit of that again at the end of the month!).

Oh yeah, let me not forget the Sparrow! He hasn’t slept in almost a week now…it’s his thing when he has a lot on his mind. Anyway, last night he borrowed my laptop to catch up on his emails – and I thought I was going to looooooose it when I switched on this afternoon only to find that I suddenly had GIANT F-ING ICONS all over my screen where the usual sized ones were before. Grrrrr! He didn’t know how he managed to do that, so no help there on getting it right again. I did eventually track down a guru whose phone was on to help me fix it.

You can’t see it but I’m wearing my not-so-very-much-impressed face.

I suppose it was an accident – so be it. It’s fixed now. *breathe in* *breathe out*

I may or may not be a tad hormonal too at the moment – so I think it’s just a better idea for everyone if I conclude this day with another dose of Resque drops and a smoke and then close the door and get into bed. Instead of doing the other thing I’ve been considering – which is to phone every person I snapped at today to apologise and maybe have a little weep in their ear? Yeah I think smoke and bed is a much better idea too…

Tomorrow can only be a more peaceful day than today, right?

I hope so – because rumour has it I’m having a performance appraisal. “Yay” 😆



  1. Shame, Louisa. Sounds like a crap day. Can you tell me how to fix those icons? The Mexicans have performed a similar hex on my laptop.

    Wishing you a better day for tomorrow!

  2. You go to properties, settings, and then set the screen resolution to 1024 x 768. It was a crap day – but today will be AWESOME! 😉

  3. What Mexicans? 😐

  4. Yes, those dreaded hormones. My kids have been getting the brunt of my monthly dose but unfortunately for me they dont just shut up and put up. I need to get a punchbag. At least it hasnt got a mouth! Hope today is a better one for you.

  5. here’s hoping that tomorrow and the rest of your tomorrows, are MUCH MUCH better!

  6. Eeish…

    *Breathe.. Just Breathe*

    Hope today was a better one for you 🙂

  7. Hope tomorrow is better and ues, without rescue I’d be lost.

  8. Thanks guys, it really was a lot better yesterday. 🙂

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