173 – 178 of 365

28 June , 2010

Day 173

173-365-201006221335 Someone has extremely curly hair when it’s wet…she definitely didn’t get that from me.

Day 174

174-365-201006231341I think this is one of my favourite photos of Nicola so far. She was laughing and playing peekaboo with me when I took this. What a cutie! 😀

Day 175

175-365-201006241343Day 176

176-365-201006251344No kid of mine is ever going to go hungry, that’s for sure. The jars with the orange and blue lids are the stage 1 foods (5 & 6 months), red is stage 2 (from 7 months). The green note dangling from the shelf there is written for the person who’s been stealing my kids food. 😉

Day 177

177-365-201006261345Getting quite good as this sippy cup business actually. Look ma, one hand!

177-365-201006261348 Nothing quite as peaceful as a sleeping baby…

Day 178


How could anyone not instantly fall in love with her? 😀

On a not completely different note: the count on the 365 challenge is very amusing to me. There are loads of people doing it – the majority all started on the same day, but no one is on the same day now. How? Maybe in my partly still mush brain I have fluffed my own count? Let’s see…January 31, plus February 28 = 59, plus March 31 = 90, plus April 30 = 120, plus May 31 = 151, plus June 27 so far = 178.

That’s what I thought anyway…how the heck are the rest of you counting?! 😉



  1. Beautiful!!

  2. Its amazing how we get hooked into this mommy thing, isn’t is? 🙂 Maybe just keep enough Purity for a week. Sharp of you to notice that there were some missing..

  3. What exactly does your note say to the thief?

    I am loving these photos. I will be coming through to see you and Nicola before I go…

  4. […] On Sunday, we went to the Ladies On Lunch event that was held at The Lifestyle Center out in the North/West (I’m from the East, so I’m not particularly sure…). It was really nice seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. I finally also got to meet my Future DIL, she is absolutely gorgeous!! […]

  5. Paula, thank you! 🙂

    Momcat, I probably wouldn’t have if she didn’t take both jars of a specific flavour I was looking for. 😉

    Freddy, you better! The note says, “Die kas het niks met jou te doen nie. As jy weer my kind se kos steel sal jy jammer wees!” 😛

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