Rob needs your help please…

21 June , 2010


My friend Rob, is thinking of dipping his toes into the blogging world, and he’s written this piece on cooking which he’d like you to have a look at and tell him if he’s got the stuff it takes?

So please do me a favour – read through his first post and then leave a comment. I’ll be sending all your words of wisdom straight to him and he’s really looking forward to finding out what you think. (honest opinions please, Rob says he’s a big boy and he can handle it).

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a bit shy (I’m talking to you lurkers out there too 😉 ) just take a moment to vote on the embedded pole to say whether you’d be interested in reading more of Rob’s work.

Thanks! 😀

Ps! I should just mention that Rob really is this passionate about cooking. You have to see it to believe it.


Hanging out in your favourite space “the kitchen”


Let’s start by saying is cooking or is it cheffing. Passion or trend, wanna be or necessity creative or plainly just wanna be. Well the fact is if you find yourself in the kitchen making something from scratch it’s cooking. If it’s too merely graze or indulge in a bachelor snack I find it’s cooking.

So let’s start at this modern society and modern trendy fast pace professional life we aspire to created by the gurus of life style and the depictions they portray in publication we tend to fall prey to.

Well the consumerism plague has certainty encroached our lives if we like it or not but tend to deny because who wants to admit the fact that we are not as individual as we think.

So on that note let’s get down to the basics of consuming one of our most human instincts and survival tactics “eating “

Not only is eating a survival its a must. So in these recovering recession times take out is no longer the cool tell your mates at work where yon had dinner but cool is now sharing techniques in the most frequently visited space in your home the kitchen.

Simplicity is the key ,expense is the call out to a lost key of the lock, tastes and enjoyment is the locksmith to unlock the flavours your buds and your pallet deserve. Lets indulge this fantasy together to bring enjoyment family values pocket sensitivity and pure enjoyment and time out to the place we love the most…our own kitchen .

So lets decide meat fish or chicken and for you green guys and gals lets go organic!what ever your choice you make the rules and bend the rules and its your seduction that is in your own total control.

Cool my suggestion this week our all time fav that reminds us of mom THE BAKE

Remember moms potato back or her own signature Mac and cheese with your own twist…yes this is where we going with this.

Take mom’s vibe and making it your own. Jamie has made a mint from this strategy so let use it. As he would say this is TOP DRAW!

We going to call it the morph bake for now till you can brand patent and get convenience stores to give you a hot spot in the easy meals category in our most love down the road one stop grocery outlet!

One of my best mates in a small community called Grotto Bay on the west cost of southern Africa not too far from the mother city of Cape Town inspired this meal.

Ari called it a moer by or in English “just chuck it in” it’s basically meant to be the end of the month salty crack but in stew form. Yes that in my opinion is rather extreme so the concept applies because we are doing a moer by potato bake. Chicken potato bake, mince potato bake, fish potato bake and off course the veg medley potato bake. ………….It’s a no brainer impossible to screw up and oh so acceptable with in Sandton and oh so yummy in Boksburg . The only thing that changes here folks to make it lanie is the dish you serve it in.

So to my readers this week let exercise this article by you all sending your best Moer By potato bake to share with us all and let’s see how far we can run with this. I don’t know you Mrs Dodd’s or you Mrs Renton or you Mr Clyde but would it not be fun to share this idea?

Keep it it cooking folks and lets catch this up next week

Rob your Bachelor signing out



  1. Really liked the post Rob, would love to read more.
    You have inspired me and made my very hungry, to go home and try a ‘moer by’ potato bake tonight. So dinner sorted for today, what would you suggest for lunch?

  2. I like the conversational tone and easy going approach to the subject.
    I don’t like the grammatical and spelling errors so much.
    Use your spelling & grammar checker & keep going, Rob!

  3. Oh yea Rob – bring it one. I will certainly read you. Just check the spelling etc.

  4. There’s promise but it’s a bit sloppy, with some repetition. Perhaps beginner’s nerves? Lots of enthusiasm though, which is the most important thing!

  5. Thanks for all the feedback and voting guys. I’ll pass everything on to Rob and he can take it from there. 🙂

  6. Go beginners! I’m one too. Just started.


  7. Good luck to you too comewrite 🙂

  8. I’ll read, I like his writing style. Perhaps he will motivate me to spend more time in die kitching…. Good on yuh and good luck !!!

  9. Thanks for the feedback Fairy Girl! 😀

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