21 June , 2010

So you guys might remember that I used to get a weekly email from Babycentre.com while I was pregnant with Nicola with all sorts of handy information in it? Well, I still get it and it’s still quite handy! Weekly, they send through handy things like games you can play with your baby to help them develop (and to entertain them – let’s be honest) and also discussions on all kinds of topics and problems you might be experiencing.

This week they sent me information of unspeakable value…

Rice cereal may make your infant constipated!

Who knew that? I didn’t know that. Sparrow says he knew that but he didn’t know we were giving Nicola rice cereal. Shame poor little bug. I’ve been dosing her with prunes and prune juice and tea with brown sticky sugar and almost anything I could think of to make her go, all for nothing because once a day I’ve been feeding her the stomach cement formerly known as rice cereal!

As soon as I knew I switched her back to a multigrain cereal and even after one day there has been a great improvement.

This might be a “slight” over-share but I never thought I could get this excited about another person’s poo, and besides…you never know who else might be having similar problems? That’s the only reason why I’m sharing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

rice-bowl = Strong_Cement



  1. I SO totally did NOT know this!! Really? Oh good, I’m so glad you put this up here. What with PlusOne just around the conrer, and us having to go through this again, this is really helpful advice. Glad to know.

    xxx for my FDIL!

  2. That is even a good thing for me to know!! I will avoid eating cement cereal from now on!

  3. boobahsmom, I know right?! It should have a warning on the box or something.

    A, ๐Ÿ˜† I didn’t know you ate that – but okay. Glad I could help.

  4. Why don’t they send you things like that BEFORE you start feeding solids?!??!?

  5. I suppose cause most people only start at 6 months, so it would almost have been in time for that?

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