158 – 164 of 365

13 June , 2010

Day 158

158-365-201006071268The only sleeping photo I took of Nicola this week…and let me tell you, it’s been that kind of week. Poor kid has picked up some sort of stomach bug again – I swear I have no idea how?! Everything that she has gets sterilised religiously and no one else here has any stomach issues this week. I’ve heard that apparently there is something in the water at the moment, but even the water she drinks is first boiled and then cooled down before she has it.

Day 159

159-365-201006081270Playing peekaboo behind her most favouritest fluffy blanky with me. 🙂

Day 160

160-365-201006091271This photo does not accurately describe the chaos that was day 160! My gran called me at 11:40 to tell me Nicola wasn’t keeping anything down at all and I needed to get her to a doctor. You may or may not be aware of it, but day 160 was the big pre-world cup fan day. At 12:00 exactly all hell broke loose in South Africa! And guess who was trying her damnest to get out of the bloody CBD to her sick baby with a gazillion pedestrians wandering the roads and the sound of hundreds of vuvuzelas all over making it sound like a large swarm of sucks were being violated? That’s right…moi.

Except for the brief moment in the city where a woman so intent on blowing her vuvu stepped in front of my car and got a piece of my mind for her trouble it actually didn’t go too badly (actually i dared her to do it again so I could run her the F over!). Once I hit the highway and got to move it was nice seeing the streets lined with people. Everyone was making a racket, if you didn’t have a vuvuzela handy you just climbed on the car hooter.

Anyway, took me 40 minutes to get home (+/-20km) and another 40 to get Nicola and take her to Fouways Life hospital where our favourite baby-doctor (Dr. Mohlabi) is. He gave her some meds to stop the vomiting (R120 per tablet! How do these people sleep at night?!). Other than the tummy bug he said she was in great condition. My little girl weighs 7,4kg already – can you believe it? 😀

Day 161

161-365-201006101273Super interested in what the rest of the family is having for dinner. Oh, by the way – we’ve launched project purity pears and it’s a raving success. So glad she likes that one at least since she despises the apples. Truth be told, I had a taste of each and I have to agree – the pears are way better than the apples. Clever kid. 😉

Day 162

162-365-201006111283  My brother on a kuduzela at the Keg where we watched the first game of the world cup between South Africa and Mexico. I know NOTHING about football to be honest, but it’s not the kind of moment that one should lightly miss? The whole place was full to the brim with yellow and green hooligans. I think most of the people there understand more of the game than I do, every time the ball came anywhere close to goal area for SA the whole bar got on it’s feet and starting cheering. Another nice SA proud moment was when everyone…and I mean EVERYONE got up to sing the national anthem at the start of the game.

On the opening game day it took me 2,5hours!!! to get out of the city. You don’t even want to know what I had to do to get out. People were crazy idiots on the road (and even some of the sidewalks with their cars because traffic wasn’t moving fast enough to their liking). There’s a fan park less than 2 km from my office and one of the major Bus Routes has a hub literally spitting distance from my window. Not pretty, let me tell you. If I had to get out in a hurry during a game it would probably be better for me to take a brisk walk.

Side note : Obviously the whole country has a few more tourists at the moment than usual. I think people are going out of their way to make these poor souls feel welcome… I can tell because during this week I stopped at my local grocery store for some smokes and the teller wanted to welcome me to the country and asked where I come from. This would have been cooler if I didn’t actually visit that store 2 to 3 times a week for the last 20 odd years, but still…(apparently I have a French face) 😆

Day 163

163-365-201006121289 Every day when I get home, I am greeted by the biggest happiest smile. Like the sun just went up in my baby’s world. I can’t explain to you how much that actually means to me. It’s such a blessing to be loved so unconditionally and to always get a warm welcome whenever she spots you.

It also makes me feel super guilty for not being able to spend more time with her. During the week I see her for a few hours before I go work and then when I get home it’s almost exactly time for dinner, bath and bed for my little darling…so mostly I see her sleeping. So on Saturday I spend all day playing with her, we had a blast! (In between I also did a small mountain of laundry) but the majority of the day I spent “crawling” with her and chatting and investigating all her toys.

It was an awesome day… 🙂

163-365-201006121292Late afternoon, our favourite fluffbunny also came to say hi…and she brought reinforcements in the form of some red wine. What a lovely catch up and visit – we really really must do this more often my friend. 😀

Day 164

164-365-201006131293I think Nicola’s favourite part of eating is the high chair. And her favourite part of the high chair is trying to kick the tray into oblivion! As long as she eats and has a bit of fun I’m okay with that.

164-365-201006131294Cutest little thing, my daughter.

If you’re wondering why some of the photos are so dark, it’s because I have to turn the flash off or she just closes her eyes. Thank goodness for Picasa, so that even a layman like me can joosh it up a bit after the fact. 😉

164-365-201006131295 Favourite part of our Sunday was taking a nice long drive with Sparrow.

Nicola is still suffering the tail end of her stomach bug so I’ve decided to keep her away from crowds in general just until it settles down completely – especially crowds with kids. Half because I don’t know if it’s contagious, and half because she seems very vulnerable to ANYTHING doing the rounds. Still…can’t be cooped up all week with no adventure now can you?

I think she had fun, she was certainly exhausted afterwards.

It’s actually been a pretty cool week and a great weekend all round. *happy sigh* Here’s hoping this week will follow suit.



  1. Poor baba… I hope she’s doing better now?

    I also am clueless about soccer, but this “gees” is contagious, so I’ve found myself watching three of the games so far. Who would’ve thought?

  2. So you have a French face? I found it so funny. I really hope Nicola is all better this week.

  3. Tamara, yeah she’s MUCH better now thanks. I still don’t get the rules but oh well, I suppose the important bit is when the ball goes into the net and that’s easy enough. 😛

    cat, thank you she is. Hahaha, yeah – I never thought I had one either, but now I know!

  4. Glad the pears are going well!
    My home and work seem to be well out of the way of fan parks and stadia so thus far I’ve been unaffected, thank goodness.

  5. Angel, yeah it’s a pain in the @ss…but it looks like the worst of it is over now after the SA games. If I sneak out at 15:00 I get home just fine in 40 minutes or so. 😀

  6. Die kids word te vinnig groot.

  7. Waha you made me laugh very loudly, and you made my boyfriend laugh too, can’t believe the lady at your local store welcomed you to the country 🙂

    Your kid is very cute.

  8. wantekkan, ek weet! Ek kan nie glo Nicola is al klaar ‘n halwe jaar oud nie…

    Po, thank you. 🙂 Yeah, I know, how weird was that?! I swear she helps me on a regular basis – all of a sudden she doesn’t know where I come from. 😆

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