7 Things

9 June , 2010

Oooh , look what I got from DT over here!

versatile-bloggeraward At first I thought that maybe I’m not reeeeally that versatile but check out the words in the corners! I reckon I hit at least a few of these even if it’s not regularly. 😀

I’m meant to add 7 things about me that you might not know too. This is getting increasingly tricky to do, because I’ve told you so much already. Lemme give it a shot anyway – stop me if I’ve told you this before?

  1. I don’t drink anything that starts with an “S”. This ploy was originally employed by me to avoid Stroh rum (who the hell would do that to themselves voluntarily?!) but it’s working out quite fine for me, so I kept it.
  2. My car is generally filthy. It must be one of the only cars that actually comes out cleaner after a good storm. I like to think of it as a protective layer of dust. 😉
  3. I’m somewhat claustrophobic. Someone once asked me if it was so bad that I have to open my car window before I get in…well, I always thought it was a slight case, but after that question I’m not so sure anymore because I do!
  4. I sleep with three pillows under my head. You could say I almost sit up and sleep – I could probably sleep with more if I had to. 😉
  5. My manager at work, New-Broom, refers to me as the class clown or the department psychologist. I have that face…you know, the one that inspires people to tell me their life story after knowing me for roughly half an hour. The clown bit is definitely not because of the amount of make-up I wear (which is none), it’s just that I can’t help myself sometimes, puns and obvious one-liners all over the show just waiting for someone to say them!
  6. If I feel cold I imagine the smell of suntan lotion, that fake coconut smell, and then I imagine what it would feel like if the sun was shining on me and I feel instantly better. If my feet are cold none of this works, but other than that I can deal with it just fine.
  7. I don’t have a middle name, and it doesn’t bug me one little bit. 😀

I’d like to pass this on to the following bloggers:

Off you go…good luck with the 7 things! 😆



  1. Ag thanks girl – I am bad with showing awards, but I will. I promise. You sound like just the type of person I need in my office – currently everybody cries on my shoulder. I am not good with that, but apparently I look as if I should be. And I love one liners and puns. Not drinking Savannah light would be a disaster for me.

  2. cat, if I felt like having a Savannah I’d just call it a cider so it starts with a C. 😉

  3. I used to sleep with lotsa pillows… now its just one flat one. I go through phases…

  4. Angel, I have 5 pillows on the bed. Some days I end up with three and some days with two.

  5. Will get to this sometime this week, I promise.

    You don’t drink Southern Comfort?! That’s my fave (with coke and lime… mmmm!)

    I loathe the smell of sunscreen. Hence I can’t drink Malibu. To me they are one and the same.

  6. Having a middle name is not that great and usually it is something embarrasing. It took me years to accept my middle name

  7. Tamara, cool – I’ll be on the lookout for it then.:-)

    twistygirl, now you have me quite curious about what it could be? 😉

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