145 – 149 of 365

1 June , 2010

Day 145


Nicola is spending quite a bit of time on her tummy lately – and she’s just-just starting to pull her knees up every now and then. I think she’s going to be mobile within the next month at least. 😀

Day 146


Chilling with grandpa!


What a little poser! 😆 Seriously, how cute is this? 😀

Day 147


Helping grandma pick the right channel. 🙂

Day 148


At work they’re really embracing this “Football Friday Phenomena". This past Friday they were giving lessons on how to do the diski dance. I was going to sneak a peek and move it but got stuck in the corner with the General (who can be seen here wearing a pink shirt) next to me – so I had to shake it a bit before I managed my great escape. I do not have the co-ordination to make this shit look good. 😉 I gather his presence there was not at all expected because the moment he set foot in the auditorium all staff had cellphones out and were snapping away (at least I was subtle enough to wait till his back was turned?). Just my luck to be next to the most photographed guy in the room. Under-the-raidar-flying FAIL on my side.


I stopped quickly after work at Louelle’s to wish her happy birthday and also to collect the lovely painting she did for Nicola. Now I just have to McGuyver a way to get it hung!


I was running a few minutes late for dinner time on Friday. My mom was kind enough to sort Nicola out on the carrot front but it was like she was waiting for me to get home. When I walked in she gave me one look and promptly fell asleep – poor little lamb. She really is quite a stickler for routine – and I don’t mind because at least I know what to expect. If Nicola starts acting out of character I know something’s wrong straight away.

  Day 149


On Saturday we went to visit my old boarding school roommate Tania and her daughter (3months) Hannah. Nicola was intrigued for a bit and then decided that this called for a nice long nap.


Here are the two girls “sitting” together. If you’re wondering what they’re looking at it’s me…I’m shaking a rattle like a madman to get them both to look up at the same time!

149-365-201005291236 This is our crawling aid at the moment. It’s a quilt that I think was made by my grandmother on my dad’s side? My brother and I both learned to crawl on this blanky. Nicola loves all the different colours and textures and you can see her trying her level best to get to the blocks she likes.



  1. OMW I can’t believe she’s almost crawling already!!

  2. I love those photos of her sleeping, what an angel

  3. Ag she is so cute. I also love to have my kids in a routine.

  4. man! that child becomes more adorable by the day! and she’s a total poser btw:)

  5. My word she’s gorgeous!! Love that little quilt, it’s stunning

  6. I can’t believe how big she is getting. She is gorgeous!!

  7. Ek kan nie glo sy het sulke weelderige hare nie!

    Sy lyk nes Heidi (Die een in die berge)

  8. Angel, I know! 🙂

    nursemyra, yeah she really is a little angel – I can’t complain. 😀

    cat, if I don’t stick to it she doesn’t sleep! I’m happy to fall in if it means close to 8 hours of shut eye for me. 😉

    Ruby, 😆 she should be used to it by now – I take so many photos of her,

    Jenty, it really is nice to have a quilt like that for her to play on.

    Sharon, thank you! 🙂

    Girl vdS, hahaha – ja sy doen nogal!

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