136 – 144 of 365

24 May , 2010

Day 136

136-365-201005161175This little sweetie (not mine, the other one) hangs around the mother’s room at our church quite often with her own mommy. Nicola finds her fascinating because she already crawls. Usually she just happily sits and plays with her toys while watching the other kids motor around, but this time her new friend tried to take her froggy teething ring and my kid was having NONE of that. NONE! 😆 I see we’re going to have to work on this sharing thing a bit soon.

Day 137

137-365-201005171179This is my daughter’s not-so-impressed-with-you-right-now face. I forget now what I did to deserve it, I think it might have been socks. She doesn’t like her feet covered.

Day 138

138-365-201005181181No, not Elvis – Nicola! 😆 I thought it looked cute when she slept her hair into this style. At least it kept it out of her eyes for the day. 😉

Day 139

139-365-201005191183This is the devil’s printer! Just so you know – beware. Stupid thing has at least a million places where paper can jam while you’re printing and I was the lucky winner of 7 paper-jams on one 300 odd page document. Serves me right for killing a young tree, not so? Anyway, the panel lights up like a little unpleasant Christmas tree when this happens, full of advice and instructions (orders even). It’s turn this knobby 12 times clock-wise, then flip that level twice, pull out the top tray, turn the other knobby counter-clockwise 5 times, now hop on one leg and slide back the first tray, then switch this level that lever, skip one and then the one next to that, release the second tray and remove the first paper. Now repeat steps 1-4, miss 5 and then add the following for the next one after completing step 11 from the previous lot. Grrrr! It took me more than half an hour to get the shit out and I actually injured my one leg doing it – to the extent that I walked cripple for two days, believe it or not.   

Either I’m getting old or this thing is a menace and out to get me!

Day 140

140-365-201005201185Best traffic “evah”! The traffic light was out of order on the corner of Beyers Naude’ and Monkor and the traffic backed up almost to my front door. Took me two and a half bloody hours to get to work (which is less than 20km!) It would probably have been faster to walk, or dance there.

140-365-201005201189Sweetest angel-face in the whole wide world!  

Day 141

141-365-201005211191Football Fridays are in full force at our office. Some people wear soccer shirts, some (like my friend Naomi) wear flags. Last week I saw someone in what looked to be pajamas! 😆

141-365-201005211192  And it’s everywhere…

141-365-201005211193Peekaboo! 😆

141-365-201005211195  In her pocket, all of us – just saying. 😉 Nicola loves chilling with her doting grandparents.

Day 142


Having a chat to Tammy’s son Lallie. I think these two are going to be great friends. 😀

142-365-201005221199On Saturday we had a baby-shower for Christel at our house. Doesn’t she look lovely? They’re expecting a little boy – but the name hasn’t been decided yet. Apparently the baby room is a work of art! I really must go have a look soon.

Day 143

143-365-201005231203Snooze time…all you need is a fluffy blanky.

Day 144

144-365-201005241204 This is the view from my smoking corner at almost sunset. So peaceful, I’m going to miss it. It’s end of the month salty crack for me at the moment since I spent a small fortune on a new car seat this month and slightly miscalculated what I needed for cigarette money and gas. Hanging in there till Thursday which is payday – whooohooo…

144-365-201005241205Love her so much…she’s growing up so quickly, I wish I didn’t have to miss even one second of it.  



  1. HA! We have a printer just like that!!!!!

    It is the one thing that can send me from calm to crazed knob turning, paper pulling mad women!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicola is beautiful Louisa – I simply MUST see her before her first birthday though :-p

  2. Isn’t she just the cutest.

  3. i SO love her mop of hair very, very much! It’s gorgeous!

  4. Oh she is a beauty. I had a laugh at that printer issue – I just give up with them sometimes. Beg and plead with someone to help me.

  5. Laura, shame man – I feel your pain on that printer. The thing is evil! We really must make a plan for you to meet Nicola.

    Angel & boobahsmom, thank you! 🙂

    Tamara, 😆

    cat, I don’t think anyone at my office would want to get involved. Everyone hates it. They see the cover pop the first time it becomes like a ghost town suddenly.

  6. what a gorgeous little girl… congratulations Louisa!

  7. Thank you! 🙂

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