Weighty Issue

20 May , 2010

I’m in the process of taking out some additional life insurance so that if anything happens to me Nicola should be taken care of. (I don’t plan for anything to happen – but better safe than sorry, right?)

Isn’t it marvellous how the process has changed over the years?

When I was 20 I took out life insurance – all they wanted was my banking details and my signature.

Roughly halfway between then and now I took out life insurance – all they wanted was my baking details, my signature and a vial of my blood to check if I was HIV positive.

I’m taking out life insurance now (31) – I have to prove that I have a residence, that I have a SA ID, I have to give two vials of blood, banking details, about 20 odd signatures, and have a medical examination done in the comfort of my home.

It’s during this medical that I also had the privilege to have myself weighed by a perfect stranger. Those of you who’ve been reading for some time now will know that I have the ongoing “lose-the-baby-fat” graphs going on the side (even though I don’t post regular updates – sorry). I haven’t weighed in for a couple of weeks now since our bathroom scale’s batteries are flat and I’m too lazy/busy to change them.

Well, after my medical I can now tell you that I have lost ALL of the weight I picked up during my pregnancy plus one kilogram additional to that. See my pretty graph:

20100518Still a few to go to my target weight, but I am feeling quite chuffed about the progress anyway. 😀

I’m not sure where all the weight has come from that went missing because I still have a fairly decent sized pouch! Actually I am feeling very frumpy in general – but at least I am now a smaller sized frumpy? 😉

I’d promise to give you more regular updates on my progress, but I’d be lying. When I hit target, believe me, you’ll KNOW!

Now you’ll have to excuse me because I have just received word from my broker that they require a further letter from me about a condition I no longer have and of which I last had symptoms in 2005.  



  1. Well done re losing the weight… and yes insurance is just painful!

  2. Thats awesome! Congratulations!
    I haven’t done any new insurance in a while…

  3. Well done 🙂

    You read my post – I feel your pain about the insurance! We have to do that next but have been putting if off for fear they require a kidney and we may need that to sell to pay for the penalty for Ds late licence because we cant proof who we are!

  4. Ag the joys of burocracy. Great on the wight! Congratulations! The pouch takes a bit of time – muscles contracting back, uterus contracting back.

  5. Congrats, you! I hate admin and insurance admin is about the worst because it’s such a grudge purchase in the first place and then it takes so much effort!

  6. Well done! can’t wait to see the svelteness on Sat!

  7. Well done on losing the weigh!! I need to do something, choc muffins are just so nice!

    Good luck with the insurance company 🙂

  8. You go girl, that is wonderful news !!! Damn you beat me to it “smile”.

  9. well done, that’s bloody awesome. have been noticing how awesome you’re looking in pics, lately.

    high five!

  10. Good on yer!!
    Tell me your secret (and no, I can’t be running around after a baby 🙂 )

  11. Jenty, thank you. 🙂 I think the insurance thing is behind me now, thank goodness!

    Angel, thanks! 🙂

    Laura, 😆 Yeah – I feel your pain on that for sure.

    cat, bless you! I was starting to think it would become one of my permanent features now. 😉

    Tamara, uh-huh – exactly! They asked me to write more in a letter about when I had kidney stones. The last time was in 2005, good grief. Well I wrote then a bloody essay…they can thank their lucky stars I didn’t have time to look for proper photos and flow-diagrams to add to it, because I wanted to make a masterpiece.

    Jax, hope you weren’t disappointed? 😉

    Alet, thank you! 😀

    Fairy Girl, aaah but I had the “advantage” of being overweight to begin with. Makes it much easier to get to where I was before. 😉

    ExMi, High five! yay! 😆 Thank you.

    Don’t believe, I don’t really have a secret. I just try not to think about it too much. I eat whatever I want, just less of it and there is a little element of running around after Nicola, but not so much that I would recommend child bearing as an effective weight loss measure to anyone else. 😛

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