130 – 135 of 365

17 May , 2010

Day 130

130-365-201005101152 Putting in a few minutes of tummy time.

Day 131

131-365-201005111143Day 132

132-365-201005121156I may have to budge on this “no haircut before she’s a year old” stance. Poor kid has constantly got her fringe in her eyes!

Day 133

133-365-201005131157Seriously – how coool is this high chair?! Nicola’s favourite part is trying to kick the tray off while arguing to me about the “need” for butternut. I had such a laugh at her this week because of some of the faces she pulls when I feed her.

Initially I bought 3 different first food cereals because I wasn’t sure which one she’d like. She liked the first box well enough, but there is no mistaking that she does not approve of the second box. A bite of that is followed but a very disapproving face and sound effects similar to what my cat makes when she’s trying to cough up a hair ball!

I’ve tasted it. She’s right – it’s crap. I think they’re bargaining on little customers who have nothing to compare it to? So onwards to box 3. Luckily that one she likes again. 😆


133-365-201005131160Chilling with grandma. My kid loves grandma…and also loves watching the soaps with grandma. In fact at about 18:30 she starts complaining until I take her there so that she can watch 7de Laan.

Smoke time for me, I’m not complaining. 😉

Day 134

134-365-201005141161How insane was this mist-blanket we had? There’s a whole row of cars in front of this one – but you just can’t see them. I think I actually prefer not to see how far I am front the front of the queue.

134-365-201005141163Cuteness herself at the kitchen counter. She is NOT happy to chill in the stroller (or anywhere else) when the rest of the family sit down to dinner anymore. She wants to be right there in the thick of things checking out what interesting things might be crossing pathes with our plates. One night this week she sneakily launched herself fist first into my lasagne! Luckily it wasn’t too hot – but I definitely have to start taking her reach and agility into consideration when I let her sit on my lap.

Day 135

135-365-201005151164Nicola and her great-grandma/nanny. These two are thick as thieves now and every morning Nicola gives my grandma a smile that will melt your heart when she sees her for the first time that day. Too cute! I’m just happy my munchkin is happier now while I’m off at work.

135-365-201005151168   Having a fat conversation with her froggy teething ring about itchy gums.

135-365-201005151170Two new toys, compliments of Sparrow (well, Sparrow’s Christmas gift voucher anyway). I let Nicola pick them out herself and what she chose was a rabbit who has a chime in his belly and a bird that vibrates when you pull it. Good choices I think. I think my daughter has a thing for green though – thank goodness it’s not PINK! 😆

Other news:

I have decided that I like New-Broom after all…I still hate the job though, but I no longer think it’s her fault. I need to get out of there in a hurry either way. So it’s on my to-do list – watch this space for further developments.

Oh yes, and further developments on my last post:

Sparrow is still here 😀 and he’s not completely made up his mind about the south thing yet. It’s all about the money…*shrug* I get that. So please keep your fingers crossed that the money is found in JHB instead of CT. That’s what I’m hoping for at least.


  1. Oh man she is cute 🙂
    Hope Sparrow finds something in JHB

  2. she is gorgeous and getting so big! I will tell you a secret, it is almost 6 years later and I still don’t know what I am doing, we all do the best we can and make it up as we go along.

  3. Ah so it is Laura an Sparrow sitting in the tree… She is so cute! And be warned, go with green now, because from about 3 years on it is pink – to eternity and beyond!

  4. Gawjiss!!!

    🙂 🙂

  5. Sjoe Louisa, maar jou meisiekind het darem gou groot geword. Sy is die mooiste ou dingetjie!! En daardie bos hare. Dit gaan darem maar baie mooi lyk met so pienk strikkie in 😉

  6. Ag she is just the cutest!!!
    I am so glad for you that she’s happy with her great granny!

  7. Jenty, thank you – me too. 🙂

    Sally-Jane, glad to hear it’s not just me.

    cat, NOT if she’s anything like her mom. I was the anti-pink from the word go. 😉

    Briget, thank you!

    Zee, hahaha – wat’s fout met ‘n rooi strikkie?

    Angel, it’s a huge relief for me too. I hope it keeps working once she starts crawling.

  8. She is getting so big!!
    Beautiful as ever!

  9. Thanks Alet! 😀

  10. I love the photo at the kitchen counter

  11. nursemyra, me too! 😀

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