122 – 129 of 365

10 May , 2010

Day 122

122-365-201005021097Behold! The new car seat. Nicola enjoys this one because she gets to sit even higher than me in the car now. 🙂

Day 123

123-365-201005031098If you ever wonder why the majority of the photos I take are of Nicola sleeping, it’s because that’s mostly when I have a hand free to use the camera. 😉

Day 124

124-365-201005041101Isn’t she the cutest little thing?

124-365-201005041107Bath time! My daughter is trying to blow raspberries now. She sometimes gets the hang of it quite well while her mouth is full of cereal. :lol:   

Day 125

125-365-201005051112Definitely a morning person…

125-365-201005051113Not every day someone comes absailing past you while you’re having your coffee at work.

Day 126

126-365-201005061114The idiot in the bus got himself wedged in the intersection…the intersection I need to get through to get home…nice. We all got to sit there for about 10 minutes while he did the 53 point turn to dislodge himself again. In the words of Tony Robbins : that’s very interesting…I wonder what would make you do that? (Well those were not the exact words I was using…mine were quite a bit more colourful).

I could just as well have stayed at the office since I worker through the night to get a damn slide show presentation ready. Have I mentioned that I’m not overly fond of my job? Well, I’m not – dusting off of CV has commenced, just so you know.

Day 127

127-365-201005071116Jenty gave us her old high chair and Nicola loves it. Mostly her table manners need a bit of tweaking because her favourite thing to do in the chair is put her one foot on the table while she’s eating (and also blow cereal raspberries at me!). Too cute! 😆 Thank you Jeanette for the lovely chair – it’s fantastic!. 😀

I’ve had to take a step back with the solids-program. Nicola got terrible cramps from the butternut so I reckon she might not be ready for that jump yet. We’re back on two weeks milk and cereal and then we’ll give the vegetables another bash.

Day 128

128-365-201005081121“Sweet like chocolate”…I’d sat even more than that. 😉

128-365-201005081122Nap-time bliss with her favourite blanky.

128-365-201005081125We went to visit Esmeralda, Marco and their son Saturday afternoon. He’s such a cutie with those big blue eyes, and what a lovable child…just wants to give kisses to everyone!

Day 129

129-365-201005091129My first mother’s day. What a pleasure to be mom to such a beautiful and loving child. It’s hard to believe how much my world has changed in the last year. In fact, more or less this time last year is when I learnt I was pregnant to begin with. My squishy was hardly the size of a sesame seed, and just look at her now! A period of great personal growth for both of us I’d say. 😀

129-365-201005091138I love this kid more than you can even begin to imagine…I hope every day that I’m doing it more or less right at least.

My mom, on behalf of Nicola, made me a beautiful card for mother’s day with some chocolate and bubble bath. I wasn’t expecting anything and I was really touched (actually had to fight back a few tears there to be honest). My mom is super, isn’t she? 🙂

Love you mom…thank you.     



  1. Happy M-day for yesterday… How freaky, most of my friends are actually moms now (or soon to be)…

  2. Happy MOthersday to you, lovely and great new mom. And as I keep saying every week – she is truly so beautiful.

  3. Happy mother’s day!!!

  4. Happy first mommy’s day for yesterday 🙂
    Glad the chair worked out, and that she likes it

  5. you’re doing a fabulous job – i’m very proud of you.

    she’s getting more gorgeous by the second!

  6. She has a beautiful mop of hair!

  7. Man! she’s such a gorgeous baby:) Happy mommy’s day to you babe:)

  8. Happy belated 1st Mother’s day! Your mom is awesome. And you’re an awesome mom. Must run in the family 😉

  9. That is VERY sweet of your mom. My mom used to do something like that when my boys were smaller. Now the boys write me little notes 🙂

  10. Thank you guys! 🙂

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