She’s doing what?!

3 May , 2010

So today was day one of my grandma being Nicola’s nanny and I’m sure you’re dying to know how it went. 😉

I left my daughter and my grandmother wrestling over a bowl of cereal this morning and undertook not to phone every 15 minutes to check up on them. All seemed well enough.

At 10:00 I checked in quickly (what, that’s a whole 3 hours later?!) and everything still looked like it was on track. At this point I kind of relaxed and decided that unless I was called I would assume that everything was just fine.

Just after lunch time I got a panic stricken call from my gran. Nicola was not happy about something, she’d tried everything and my baby kept complaining. She wanted to know where the cooler clothes and the wash cloths were. Then the phone cut out.

I tried phoning back but only got voicemail. Maybe her hands are all tied up with whatever Nicola wants? I waited an hour, tried again…still no answer. No starting to worry a bit.

So I phoned the maid on her cell phone to find out what the heck was going on. Ester told me that everything was fine and that Nicola was sleeping with the fishes. SHE WAS DOING WHAT?! We don’t even have any fish. After some questioning it turned out that what she really meant was Nicola was sleeping in her cot after falling asleep looking at the mobile (which has dolphins on it – hence the fishes reference).

Other than giving gramma a good work out it seems that everything went hunky-dory. Tomorrow should be easier for both of them and soon they’ll have a proper routine between the two of them.

Oh, and just so you know – we’re on day 3 of the Butternut Purity food. The first day she wasn’t all that impressed with this food thing, on day 2 she ate it well enough but got cramps from it (we think), and tonight she ate it (all of it being a whole 3 teaspoons by the way) all no complaints and fell asleep straight after with no cramps. Looking good…so far we’ve done 2 weeks of cereal [check], on Saturday we’ll have a week of cereal and butternut behind us and then we can move on to cereal and sweet potato.

I have no idea if I’m doing it right, everyone has different ideas about the way to go about it. As long as Nicola’s happy I guess it’s working? The plan is 2 weeks cereal twice a day, then do cereal in the mornings with veg in the evenings – first a week of butternut, then a week of sweet potato, then a week of carrots, then we’ll do cereal in the mornings, veg in the afternoon and fruit in the evenings – first apple, then pear, then guava, then banana, then peach, then mango. After that we should be heading into Purity 2 foods which have a bit more variety.  

Kids…they should come with manuals! 😉



  1. Glad it went so well with her and gran.

  2. Glad it’s going well with your gran 🙂

  3. ROFL. Sleeping with the fishes is usually code for a hit that has gone well (i.e. the body has been weighed down and was dumped at sea…) Lucky in your case it involved a dolphin mobile and a happily sleeping baby!

  4. Mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaa… Your granny was almost a gangster there!
    Glad for you that solids are going well.

  5. Hi Louisa! Ek wens ek het meer tyd op FB gehad – dan kon ek elke dag jou blog gelees het! Jy het ‘n awesome way with words, my girl. Die pap en groente-ding klink peikfyn – ek dink jy is ‘n uitstekende mamma! Die dagboek wat jy hou is absoluut mind-blowing… dit gaan soveel vir jou en Nicola beteken later om dit weer deur te lees. My oudste se gunsteling onderwerp is allerhande nuusies van toe sy ‘n baba was! M xxx

  6. “She’s a-sleepin’ wit da fishes” *said in best DeNiro Mafia accent. LOL!

    Glad it all went well 😉

  7. bwahaha that is classic!!!!

  8. Sleeping with the fishes! HAHAHAHHA, FANTASTIC. Gangsta baby.

  9. That is sooo funny “fishes”.

  10. Cat & Jeanette, it’s a huge relief to me too!

    Michelle, I know! That’s why I was so surprised (and worried) till I figured out what was really going on.

    Mariaan, dankie man. Ek’s bly jy geniet dit – ek hoop Nicola sal ook wanneer sy begin belangstel. 🙂

    Tamara, yip – that’s exactly the accent I was thinking about.

    Laura, Don’t believe & Fairy Girl, 😆

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