117 – 121 of 365

1 May , 2010

Day 117

117-365-201004271082My ice cream bush…the little plant that could. Still surviving despite our gardener’s numerous attempts to kill it by moving it away from sprinkler reach. 🙂

117-365-201004271083I’ve slowed down on the purity purchases. It occurred to me that I am stocking up like someone preparing for doom’s day!

Day 118

118-365-201004281084We loooove bath time!

Day 119

119-365-201004291087Everything within reach ends up being gummed at the moment. Poor baby’s gums are itching like crazy.

Day 120

120-365-201004301090The most peaceful sleeping position in the world. She loves having a soft fluffy blanky to snuggle up to and often tries to pull it over her face before she falls asleep.

Day 121

121-365-201005011095Today I bought my munchkin a new comfy car seat and a feeding chair. This is her “not-so-impressed” look about the feeding chair. Tomorrow we’ll take the car seat on its maiden voyage – just so you know: Babycity across from Cresta installs the chair for you when you buy it – love that! 😀



  1. She is so precious…

  2. What kind of feeding chair? Any chance you want a high chair that’s also a desk? Was going to give it to charity, but would rather it went to a friend 🙂
    And OMW that’s a lot of purity 🙂 It’s easy to make yourself btw 😉

  3. Angel, thank you. 😀

    Jeanette, I’d love to come have a look. I’ll call you later today to see when you’re home so I can come have a look? Hahaha @ me making purity! I honestly have no idea where people find the time. Maybe when she starts eating more solid and less mushy foods.

  4. I love pic 118, such a happy baby 🙂

  5. Got to love Babycity – they have always given me excellent service. And she is so cute. I also wanted to offer you a high chair like Jeanette – but she is nearer I think. Give me a shout if you do nto take that one.

  6. I want a fluffy blanky to snuggle with too – it looks like bliss 😉

  7. LOL at all the food 🙂

    She is really a beautiful baby!

  8. Fairy Girl, I love that photo too! 😀

    cat, Jeanette lives literally two blocks from me – going through tonight to go have a look, but thank you – I’ll keep you posted.

    Tamara, me too – especially on days like today. I’d much rather snuggle than do minutes. 😛

    Laura, do you know I actually had to physically restrain myself from getting more on the way home tonight. 😉

  9. Oh My Word! She is gorgeous! Haven’t been around for a while but loving the pictures Louisa!

  10. She is so gorgeous Louisa!!

  11. DT & Wenchy, aww thank you! 🙂

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