110 – 116 0f 365

26 April , 2010

Day 110

110-365-201004201041My baby is not loving the colder weather…or the hoodie outfits that go with it. Can’t say I blame her.

110-365-201004201043I don’t  think my picture does it justice – this was really a pretty rainbow.

Day 111

111-365-201004211044Let there be cheese! Not mad about pizza, but if you’re going to have it it should be covered in extra cheese? 😉

Day 112


If this look doesn’t say, “Just you wait till I start picking my own clothes mommy!” then I don’t know what does.


I don’t know what this woman is thinking having her kid hang out the window, not strapped down at all, head in the rain and all that. Not that I’m judging or anything mind you – I’m just saying I hope this little girl doesn’t one day go flying through the windscreen. I think it somewhat unnerved the mom when I started waving at the girl and taking pictures on my phone because there was some yelling and strapping down straight after this photo was taken. Not sorry at all if that means the kid is safer now.


On Thursday we had a going away lunch for my (ex)manager. The place will not be the same without her, that’s for sure…

Day 113


Yuck! What were they thinking?! Lindt people – this is not cool.

Day 114


The cutest baby in the world and she’s all mine! 😀


We had dinner at T&S’s house on Saturday where we half destroyed it in the process…luckily not me this time. T put a lamp in front of the mirror, unfortunately also under a glass shelf full of ornaments and the next thing all hell and lamp oil broke loose!

Day 115


Nicola, my little munchkin!


Poor baby’s teeth are itching like no one’s business. I might have to put gloves on her before she chews those little hands right off!


Snuggles with Grandma… 🙂


Trying out the sleeping bag my friend Vera sent from the UK. It’ll keep her warm, but she is definitely not a fan – it interferes with her vigorous kicking manouvres.

Day 116


I love this little girl so much. She has a smile that can light up a room, soon it will be even more lethal when there are actual teeth involved! 😉 The nappies are in one word – spectacular. I hope those little chompers cut quickly so we can put this behind us.


  1. She is just too beautiful!

  2. She’s so cute, and growing really quickly too!

  3. That last picture is so freaking cute.

  4. Oh my she is just adorable. I do judge with kids loose in the car – it is just not acceptable,

  5. Those sleeping bags are fantastic, Logan wasn’t a fan either, but who cares as longs as they are nice and warm!!

  6. She is beautiful Louisa!!!

    I saw those sleeping bags at a baby shower I was at recently and was super excited about them (you know if I have another baby ;-p)

  7. She really is so beautiful, you must be so proud!

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