103 – 109 of 365

20 April , 2010

Day 103

103-365-20100413991 Peekaboo!

103-365-20100413992Sparrow was a very unhappy camper when they decided to sign-write all over his company car this week. I thought with the amount of times he washes his car in a week he’d shake it soon enough, but he was a much happier little bird when head office commanded it be removed AT ONCE! 🙂

Day 104

104-365-20100414996So peaceful…

Day 105

105-365-20100415997Every morning Nicola wakes up with a smile on her face. She is a out-an-out morning person. Brightens up my day…I mean really? How could you look at a face like this and not be a bit happier with the start of your day?

105-365-201004151005On recommendation of the sister at the clinic we have started mush foods this week. Nicola likes the idea and the cereal, but she’s not to sure what to do with the spoon yet so she stick out her tongue at it and end up wearing a lot of the food all over her face because of that. 😆


105-365-201004151010I had to find a way to keep her hands busy, she kept waking herself up. How cute is this? 😀

105-365-201004151011She slept herself a little mohawk.

Day 106

106-365-201004161013Although I really was on the battle path on Friday, I was briefly distracted by this lovely sunrise. 🙂

Day 107

107-365-201004171017Taking a walk outside with grandpa.

Day 108

108-365-201004181026           “Great” she’s covered my feet again… *sigh*

108-365-201004181027My kid is not a big fan of crowds. The second strange face she saw for the day she decided to check out for a bit and regroup. 😉

108-365-201004181028Freddy babe magnet? 😆

108-365-201004181029Angel baked us the most lovely cupcakes! Behold the ones that look like soft serve ice creams. 😀 Thank you Angel!

108-365-201004191036My mom baked the cake and made some carrot cake cup cakes for each person to take home too. Thanks mom! 😀

108-365-201004181031Here’s Arkbaby and Nicola with Philly_girl and Esmeralda.  

108-365-201004181032    Hehehe, I’d tell you who’s handling the girls here – but I promised not to.

108-365-P1050287Here we are at church. I don’t think I have ever seen the church that full! I come from a big family to begin with, and we have a lot of very special people in our lives that came out in droves to celebrate Nicola’s special day.

108-365-P1050289Thanks Wanette for taking some of the church photos for me! 🙂 I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be to the cold water but we’d practiced this before every bath time for a week. Initially when she saw the preacher she gave him a very distrustful look, but after the first drop she decided that it must be BATH TIME! and gave him the biggest gummy grin ever. Too cute.

108-365-201004191035   Nicola after a thoroughly exhausting day.

Day 109

109-365-201004191037This is what she wore to school today – she looks so grown up, doesn’t she?

109-365-201004191038I even managed to get her to wear shoes…however briefly. 😉

I just want to say thank you to everyone who attended Nicola’s Christening. It really meant a lot to us to have you there on her special day. And thank you also for all the lovely gifts. I’m getting round to the thank you cards, promise – I just need to catch my breath after this roller coaster weekend first. But seriously, *big hugs* to you all. :-D 

I was running round like a crazy person, so I hardly took any photos myself – anyone who managed to get a few shots in please pass them along to me too?


  1. Congratulations to you both on the big day. She is just the most adorable little person.

  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, looks like it was an awesome event 🙂

  3. cat, thank you! 😀

    Jeanette, it really was – we missed you!

  4. She is tooo beautiful.

  5. Wenchy, thank you my friend! 😀

  6. The christening was very sweet, and she was as good as gold!

  7. Too precious, and lovely pics!

  8. Thank you, she really is such a sweetheart. 🙂

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