95 – 102 of 365

13 April , 2010

Day 95 (2)

95-365-20100405952 Sometime you just have to check out for a few minutes. My kid sure likes her naps! 🙂

95-365-20100405958 Here she is using Sparrow as a prop to stay upright and watch some Big Bang Theory.

Day 96 (2)

96-365-20100406959 Since Nicola’s starting turning herself over when she sleeps it’s not safe for her to co-sleep with me anymore and I’m trying to get her used to the cot again. Easiest way is to let her fall asleep and move her…that works quite well actually.

96-365-20100406960Until she wakes up and sees that she’s alone (usually round about 3am) – then it’s back to the big bed or no more sleep for the mommy person. Truthfully, I think the adjustment has been worse for me than for her – I miss listening to her breathe close by and reaching out to smooth her hair while’s she’s off in lala-land.

Day 97

97-365-20100407964 Somewhat, but not complete, grumpy face. She is chewing those little fists like no one’s business! I think one of her biggest gripes with the car seat is that it makes it harder for her to reach her hands with her mouth.

Day 98

98-365-20100408966This dude is driving to work…in the city…on his tractor! Not everyday you see something like that, right? 😉

Day 99

99-365-20100409968You can’t get much more relaxed than this.

Day 100 (4)

100-365-20100410975My, what big eyes you have!

100-365-20100410977Nicola has started taking more of an interest in her toys. She can chat big fat coo-conversations with the little dolphins on the mobile. Dear manufacturers, do you think you could make one that doesn’t need to be wound up every minute?!  😆

100-365-20100410980She picked up the gastro that was going round at her school after all and wasn’t really feeling very well. When Nicola is sick all she wants is me. Not even grandpa or grandma can console her. Here is a picture of how she eventually fell asleep…three points of contact for safety! She was sleeping with her one hand on me (no sneaking off while she nods off) and both her feet dug into my side. It was a nice snuggle, but not so comfortable for me to nap in that position with her. *shrug* I don’t mind… 🙂

100-365-20100410981Taking a stroll outside with our new stroller. My baby has very expressive feet!  😆  when she wants me to go faster she points them straight ahead and moans at me loudly.

Day 101

101-365-20100411983This is a turtle – I think it’s adorable. Some people think it looks like an alien?

Day 102

102-365-20100412984 Uncle Riaan came over for a visit. 😀

Other news: yesterday Nicola had to go for her 4 month inoculations. She had such a growth spurt length wise that the nurse measured her three times to make sure she wasn’t making a mistake. Also, I’ve been told it might be a good idea to get her started on mush food from next week. Hard to believe my baby once was the size of a grain of rice and now she has to start eating rice cereal. It’s going so fast! My head is spinning.



  1. It is scary how quickly they grow!
    Yay for Nicola watching Big Bang Theory!! Nerd in the making 🙂

  2. “Truthfully, I think the adjustment has been worse for me than for her – I miss listening to her breathe close by and reaching out to smooth her hair while’s she’s off in lala-land.”

    That is such a lovely line to read, you amazing mommy.

    The pic of the big eyes is too kyooot! And yes, the turtle does look like an alien.

    Can’t believe it’s time for mushy food already!

  3. Amazing to see how quickly she is growing, wow!

  4. Oh she is just so cute – and growing so well. In general the modern guidelines is to wait for 6 months for solids and then to start on veggies, not rice cerial. Really works well. She might also sleep better in her cot if you take away the mobile at night – apparently it works.

  5. Awe….she is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. With the roads being as bad as they are, it is probably safer these days to drive around with a tractor!

  7. Alet, hehehe – well, she gets that from me. Still not sure why she digs watching sport though.

    Tamara, okay it does look lik an alien…sort of, but it’s the only turtle I could find!

    Chris, it’s scary. I hope I don’t miss any of the important bits – ever.

    cat, I also heard the 6 months thing so you can imagine my surprise. The nurse reckons that if you wait till 6 months they sometimes fight going onto solids and it’s best to get them used to different textures from 4 months onwards. She hits all the criteria on the cereal packet and she does seem very interested in grown up food.

    Ruby, thanks! 😀

    anne-marie, 😆 true that!

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You made a gorgeous girl! She really is stunning and I love that mop of hair. What do you think of age gaps between men and women? Do you want her future husband to be older or younger than her? Because you know, there’s Boobah who’s almost 3 years older and PlusOne will be almost a year younger. You really can choose which one and then we’ll arrange the marriage. Will you require lobola?

    And with regards to the food bit, I tried solids ( I had a botteltjie of butternut, so I sommer used that) with Boobah when he was just short of 4 months, just to see what he would do with it. He took the bite, looked at me and then opened his mouth for more. And then we were on solids. For us it was that easy-peasy.

    Also, guidelines are just that – there to guide you. It’s not the law. You’ll know when your child is ready to take on something new.

    Much love x 2.25 (almost 2.5)

  9. boobahsmom, mmm…well I haven’t really thought about the age difference thing yet. What I want for Nicola is just someone who will make her happy and love her as much as I do I guess.

    Perhaps we should start off with a playdate and see how it goes? 😉

    We’ll see how the solid foods interest her next week. I’ve bought a packet of every kind of stage 1 cerial for her to try out. Tell me this though, when you go over to solids does that then go for every meal or do you kind of phase it in one bite at a time with bottles in all the other mealtimes? What I need here is some sort of a plan!

  10. haha, cool. we’ll wait for plusone to make his appearance and grow some, they’re closer in age so should enjoy each others’ play company more.

    when i tried with boobah, it was around the same time i was cooking dinner – i guess then it was about 5 pm. i would alternate though, depending on your routine. perhaps wake her with a bottle as per normal, then breakfast (at her next feeding time) of whatever cereal you’ve decided on, then perhaps a bottle again at lunch time (to make sure she still gets enough to eat) and then try food again early evening. Until you settle into a routine, just try it two or three times a day and increase it as she grows. and by all means, top her up AFTER the food bits with some milk if you feel she hasn’t had enough. They say that babies are more willing to try new foods if they’re hungry.

    Also, I read somewhere that their little tummies are only the size of their own fists, balled and held together (not sure if I’m explaining this right) so if she doesn’t eat all that much real food, it could be because she’s full already. Skat maar so met die oog wanneer jy haar voer…

  11. boobahsmom, we had our first go at the cereal tonight and I’m happy to report it went well! 🙂 She doesn’t know quite how to approach the spoon yet so she sticks out her tongue at it and ends up with most of the food on her chin but it doesn’t look like she’s opposed to the idea or the taste at least.

  12. Its amazing how she’s grown!! She’s too cute.

  13. Angel, if you compare the photos now to those we took of her at the beginning it’s quite scary. They really do grow up so quickly! I don’t want to miss even a minute.

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