87 – 94 of 365

4 April , 2010

Day 87 (2)

87-365-20100328909Grandma and Nicola chilling in the kitchen.

87-365-20100328911And she always has time for a cuddle with grandpa too.

Day 88

88-365-20100329915I think my kid should have been Italian – she really talks with her hands (and feet) and what she’s saying here is “WHY CAN’T YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT i WANT?!” 😆

Day 89 (2)

89-365-20100330922As soon as Nicola realises that clothes are coming off and it’s bath time she either tries to hold on or bite the sleeves or just goes for the real prize straight away which is of course the hand. Then I get to figure out how to remove the clothes while this is going on…it’s a little game we play. I always win eventually (or she lets me win anyway).

89-365-20100330924No. 1 beauty secret: Moisturise! (of course) 😉

Day 90

90-365-20100331927 This is the face of a little TV addict – just so you know. She loves watching sport (not sure where she gets that cause I loooooathe it). She watches rugby with grandpa and football with Sparrow, cricket with anyone and even F1 if she gets a chance. Sparrow says he thinks it might be all the bright colours that fascinate her?

Day 91 (2)

91-365-20100401928Just being as cute as always.

91-365-20100401929A river runs through it! The road to work changed into a shallow river and my poor canoo car could have done with a snorkel at some points. Incidentally, you can’t see it on this photo (because everything is under water) but at this particular T-junction there are two lanes next to each other that both have arrows to turn left AND right – how stupid is that?! Each morning when I drive past here I am always pleasantly surprised when there’s NOT an accident from people turning into each other.

Day 92

92-365-20100402932Sulky face…

Day 93 (2)

93-365-20100403939Not another photo!

93-365-20100403941😀 Isn’t this just the cutest little baby-face?

Day 94 (2)

94-365-20100404947Nicola’s first easter egg – a pretty Lindt bunny that grandma bought. She’s too tiny for chocolate so I think someone 😉 might have to help her out with this one?



  1. Ah yes, definitely think you’ll have to help her out with that thar bunneh mama!

  2. Angel, 😆

  3. Hmm Lindt is my favourite 🙂

  4. Fairy Girl, yeah mine too…but I’m usually more pro dark chocolate with whatever they whack into it. I really really like the one with oranges and the one with the chili. 😀

  5. This child will be a year old before I see her :-p She is beautiful Louisa!!!

    And how was that rain hey 🙂

  6. Once again, so glad you decided to do a 365 photo challenge of gorgeous lil Nicola. And so glad I finally got to meet her in person.

    And oh so happy that we may have an F1 fan on our hands 😉 Seeing you don’t watch, I’ll take responsibility for making sure she supports McLaren, k?

  7. Laura, we really really really must make a plan!

    Tamara, 😆 as long as it’s not Ferrari cause otherwise her uncle will go into a mighty sulk. He’s a anything but Ferrari fan. I’m glad you got to meet her too! 🙂

  8. So gorgeous!

  9. Dolce, thank you! 😀

  10. Oi… that water one… I drive past there every morning but at six o clock you don’t see the freaken water until it is too late… I have wet a few by standers and feel a bit shitty about that. So from now on I stay in the far right lane!

  11. Girl vd Suburbs… 😆 – that’s terrible!

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