78 – 86 of 365

27 March , 2010

Day 78

78-365-20100319844How pretty is that?! This was the view from the boat club where we all had dinner.

Day 79 (3)

79-365-20100320864Nicola gets her feet wet in the sea for the first time.

79-365-20100320867She did not like the beach at all. Not sure if it was the actual ocean that annoyed her or just the serious heat and humidity – either way she wanted nothing to do with it and let me know loudly!

79-365-20100320868Uncle Riaan came down with us to help with the photos.

Day 80

80-365-20100321886The lesser photographed giant field marshmallow. This peculiar sight is something we saw along the road back home – they’re actually grass rolled up into big rolls and I suppose the white covers are to keep the rain off them until they’re needed?

Day 81

81-365-20100322888Poor little lamb. She was so happy to be home and in her own bed that she clean forgot to complain about the long sleeves and having her feet covered. I took full advantage of the situation to start getting her used to warm clothes for the coming winter.

Day 82

82-365-20100323892Nicola’s getting better control over her hands all the time now. These days she’s more likely to rub her hair (she loooves doing that) than accidentally smacking herself in the face.

Day 83

83-365-20100324895Some mornings when I put the hoodie on she looks like she thinks “Aaaah full body blankie, more sleep!” and nods off again almost straight away.

Day 84

84-365-20100325897What a cutie pie! I could just cuddle her all day long.

Day 85 (3)

85-365-20100326900Friday was Easter Hat Parade day at school and this is the hat I made for Nicola. I put it on her exactly long enough to get this photo and then took it off before she could get really worked up about it. She does not love hats at all, not even bunny eared ones. 😉

85-365-20100326901Elasticated booties are the business! Try as she might she can’t kick them off – hehehehe. 😆

85-365-20100326902 Friday night I arranged with my mom to watch Nicola and went to Camille’s birthday bash which was bollywood themed. I couldn’t find a dot for my head so I stuck a shiny butterfly sticker there instead. Worked just fine. 😉 Also, you might not notice but I had about 20cm of hair chopped off as a “whoohoo! my first paycheck” treat and this is what it looks like now when I get the chance to brush it. Still have about 4kg of pre-baby weight to drop but it’s coming along – at least I don’t look like a beached whale anymore. After that 4 there’s another 10 that needs shaking for me to get in touch with my inner stick insect. *makes note to do a progress report with graphs and what not soon(ish)*

Day 86

86-365-20100327906My darling daughter cuddling and chilling with grandma… 🙂



  1. Ai, louisa, baie duisend dankies vir die gereelde foto’s. Jy het nie ‘n idee hoeveel ek dit geniet nie, al comment ek nie gereeld nie, ekj sit en “Ag, shaaaamme!” elke foto. Sy is die mooiste mooiste dingetjie. miskien kan ons reël dat sy en Luke eendag trou? Dink nt watter mooi babas hulle sal hê? LoL!
    Ek ry vannag KAAP TOE!!! Na my kinders toe! so ek sal foto’s hê om te deel as ek terug is. Mooi bly!

  2. You look fan-friggin-tastic!!

  3. that bunny hat is so cute. and you’re looking great louisa 🙂

  4. She looks so adorable in that bunny hat, and you are looking amazing!!

  5. Lousia girl, you looked stunning! I need that top, it is beautiful.

    I loved :The lesser photographed giant field marshmallow

  6. Beautiful mom and daughter 😉 I love your Bollywood outfit. Almost as much as I love Nicola’s bunny hat.

    I dream of fields of giant marshmallows. Hehehe…

  7. Antie Koekie, ek sien uit daarna om die kiekies te sien! Stuur groete vir die kinders.

    Angel, aww thank you! 😀

    ExMi, I was particularly proud of that hat – pity my daughter hates hats – and thank you.

    Jeanette, thanks! She complained very passionately about the hat though. Hehehe, I sent it seperately to school and made it their problem. They said send a hat, not train the baby to like it too.

    cat, I borrowed the top from my mom. She says that she got it at Queenspark if you’re looking for one. Those field marshmallows looked great, couldn’t resist taking the picture. In fact I made my brother pull over so I could get it. 😉

    Tamara, thank you. 😀 If I was more of a desert fan I would dream of fields of giant marshmallows too I think, they’re so pretty.

  8. Love the marshmallow pic and pic no. 84, so cute!

  9. You are looking so good!
    Have I mentioned that Nicola is the cutest little bundle of girl ever! She is beautiful!

  10. Fairy girl, glad you liked it. 🙂

    Alet, thanks! 😀 She’s even cuter in person.

  11. You look absolutely amazing!!!!

  12. Wenchy, 😆 thank you kindly!

  13. I just love that little girl’s hair. She’s adorable

  14. Angel, thank you! Yeah, I love her hair too – but I need to figure out what to do with it soon before it starts hanging in her face.

  15. Louisa, you look *stunning*. And your Nicola is too bloody cute!

  16. MeeA, thank you! 😀

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