Bloody Thursday…I’m glad I’m done with you

25 March , 2010

I am battling, I’ll be honest.

It’s been a massive adjustment over this last month getting back into the working habit and taking Nicola to school, then the family crisis with my uncle’s death. This month has been one hairy wild ride!

To make it even worse it some days feels like my daughter inherited my brain! It’s like I can see and hear everything, but almost like I’m staring at it through a thick fog and I can’t get it to grip somewhere between my ears so I can make sense of it. (Someone told me this effect can last up to a year after you had the baby – yikes!). 😐

Now, Thursdays are always kind of rough work-wise, and today was especially so because it was my manager’s first Thursday back after a two week holiday in Europe and there was a lot of fire fighting and catching up, and inbox cleaning and delegating going on. It’s a sink or swim situation…most days I feel I’m managing a decent doggy paddle but today I was definitely not. Never mind…I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Perhaps this Thursday would have been slightly less painful if I hadn’t had such a furious start to it at Nicola’s school this morning? (One can only hope, right). 😉

Let me start off by saying that I like the lady who owns the school and have only respect and warm fuzzy feelings for her, but one of the teachers in Nicola’s class gives me the exact opposite feeling and whilst Christine is away on holiday this week this is the person who seems to be in charge. I can’t tell you why or put my finger on a good reason, but she just puts my teeth on edge.

There you now have the who, here comes the what: on the back of the door of the baby class there’s a board with all the babies listed, and next to their names you can see when you need to bring nappies, bum cream, wipes or formula. I check this board RELIGIOUSLY every day when I pick Nicola up. I want my baby to be well taken care of, and if she needs something I want to make sure she has it. As an extra precaution I always put extra of each of these items in the daily baby bag just in case they run out in the middle of the day. (I’m all about the plan B as you know).

Yesterday when I picked Nicola up there was nothing short on the board. This morning when I dropped her off it suddenly said she was short of nappies. WTF?! I went to the teacher for a chat about this. She then claimed that it WAS on the board yesterday since she is the only one who updates the board (practically calling me a shit-faced liar!). I made it very clear that it was NOT. I also told her that there was an extra 4 nappies in the bag and I’d bring more tomorrow. We left it at that (temporarily). I sat fuming about this all the way to the office and when I got there phoned my bud Louelle to see if she could drop off a bag of nappies on my behalf and I’d just give her the money back tomorrow. Since she’s an absolute doll and lifesaver she agreed and I phoned the school to let them know. The teacher answered and then told me that they actually had enough for today that’s why they only wrote it on the board this morning…this after she argued with me about it earlier (kind of reminds me of that saying that when you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything huh?). Of course I gave her another piece of my mind (not healthy to bottle up you see?). 😉

My second gripe with her is (what I perceive as) the snotty footnotes I get in Nicola’s book every day. It was with great “excitement” that I paged through and saw that she’s already written notes a few days in advance (pity she can’t update the board with her crystal ball too?). Anyhoo, today was the day that I whipped out my pen and started communicating back in the damn book. Nicola has been refusing to eat from them for the last two days. She’s not off food completely because as soon as I get her home she’s so hungry she almost sucks a dent in the bottle. How is it possible that she plainly refuses to take food from ANYONE there?! I’ve tried chatting to the teacher and recommending that they NOT heat the bottles since Nicola prefers to have her milk at room temperature and all she said is that they do heat it but then let it cool down to room temp. Now explain to me what the point of that would be exactly, since I already boil the water before I pack it. Pointless…anyway, it might be petty but I got a great kick out of my capital letters note about NOT HEATING NICOLA’S BOTTLES. Today she drank 3 bottles – what a surprise.

*Sorry for the looooooong ramble, but this here is a venting post!*

Now, calm and at home again after a truly shitty day I have been applying what mind I have left to this situation to see if I might be a tad unreasonable about it. It’s possible, not on the board situation I think (I take the needs of my kid VERY seriously), but maybe the getting pissed off every time I see a note in the book is out of line?

I will attempt to read the messages in future without adding my own subtext. I will try to see it as a communication instead of an insult to my mothering. I will continue to write in the book but will where possible refrain from using swear words of capital letters, or red pens.

I will try not to resent the woman who gets to look after my baby while I have to work. I will attempt not to feel threatened or replaced.

I will take my rescue drops religiously till I am not a psycho hose beast anymore, and I will take deep breaths (even deeper ones when I feel like strangling her with a receiving blanket).

I will chill the fuck out…unless Nicola is mistreated in any way, in which case I will come out swinging and growling! I will strike fear into the heart of mere mortals with my mommy protectiveness in that case, and anyone who harms my baby will find that there is no hole deep enough to hide in from the wrath (this is not negotiable).

On the upside, I had my first payday in months today. I reckon my bank manager must be doing cartwheels – it’s been a while since anything trickled into that account. 😆

Also, it appears at least some of my fury today was hormonal in origin. I may have forgotten how to recognise PMS since I haven’t had it in aaaaaages. I will put some thought into who I may need to apologise to and try to put a leash on it next time.

Meh…what a crap day. Thank goodness it’s over.

Ps! Oh yes, please please please forgive me if I have not recently commented on your blog. I’m reading (at the pace of a snail!) and I’m getting to it promise. My reader is so full of things to read, in fact it has never been so full in all the time I’ve had it, and I only have a very sluggish brain at the moment and hardly any time but weekends to catch up. Please be patient: your blog will be commented on soon(ish).

**If you made it all the way to the bottom without getting bored or pissed off you deserve a special medal – thanks for listening to my bitching session – I feel much better now** :-D 


  1. Don’t you dare apologise for being protective towards your child. I was also uneasy about my son’s one teacher. After talks to the teacher, principle and endless talks with my boy, the assistant teacher had been “bullying” him. You take them in hand and let them know that if they mess with your kid in any way they’ll be dealing with you! Your baby girl is lucky to have a mama who loves her so much.

  2. my Kid’s daymother also used to leave me little notes in his day bag – i also was very offended by most of them, because they were usually like “send wet wipes EVERY DAY PLEASE” (on the one off-chance day i’d forgotten…..) and then I realised that she’s not being a bitch, she’s just doing her job.

    sounds like you’re having an awesome hormonal time. and PMS? right there with you.

    kak week too. hope you feel better and get to chill out soon 🙂

  3. I’d be very annoyed too!

  4. Oh! you have every right to bitch, that’s what your internet friends are here for…….to listen 🙂

    I hope next week you have a much better week!

    Chin up and smile 🙂

  5. I would have been so annoyed too. I really hope today is better and that you have a great weekend. Watch out for those hormones too – they tend to go crazy after birth.

  6. Its probably changing the taste of the milk formula when they heat it up which is why Nicola wont drink. Just observe what is happening because you shouldnt have to leave your beloved child with someone who is so obstinate and obstructive. She cant stand up for herself.

  7. Oh and if you get any kind of bad instinct then act on it because a mom’s first instinct is true. I’ve often been sorry when I didn’t act on my instincts.

  8. What a month! Shame, Louisa. I hope things start looking up soon.

    “I am momma, hear me roar!” You go! I can’t believe she changed her story about the board. chop!

  9. Ah my friend! Big hugs!

    I am having similar communications with the principal of my kids school – except we do it via email (when he figures out which button is reply)

    Its exhausting but they are our kids and we need to add a few !!! and some capital letters!

  10. I need a medal 🙂 … and so do you!

  11. I made it to the end of the post 😆

    This is just growing pains, hang in there!

  12. Oh the joy of teachers and caregivers…

  13. Breathe! The teacher sounds like a bitch, and a stupid one at that!

    Miss you, we should meet up soon!

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