72 – 77 of 365

19 March , 2010

Day 72

72-365-20100313776This is Nicola’s new thing. She likes to dangle her tongue out of the corner of her mouth while contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Day 73 (2)

73-365-20100314786My little munchkin. 🙂

73-365-20100314803Chilling with Tammy and Ryan’s son Liam and having a stroller snooze.

Day 74

74-365-20100315807It’s exhausting  being this cute!

Day 75

75-365-20100316809This “sweet like chocolate” babygro is a big hit at school. 🙂

Day 76

76-365-20100317814It’s been a little chilly in the mornings and since Nicola’s recovering from flu I really don’t want her to catch cold now. She is not loving the early morning hoodie look…and if I put leggings on her with feet she does NOT stop complaining until she can convince someone to take it off for her! I really hope she reconsiders her view on this when we get to winter or she’s going to be one unhappy camper.

Day 77 (4)

77-365-2010031882277-365-20100318823My kid comes with a lot of baggage. The difference between going away for a weekend by yourself and going away with a baby is the difference between A bag and a trailer! There’s a bag with food, a bag with medicine, a bag with nappies, a bag with clothes, a bag with bath goodies and towels, pram, car seat, bottle steriliser, bath seat, bedding, and whatever you need too of course…in this case one bag and two laptops. It literally takes up the entire boot of the car. We managed to squeeze all that in the boot as well as my brother’s one bag and off we went.

My dad tells me that my aunt is coming back up on Sunday with us…I suspect we may have to strap her to the roof to make it all fit. 😉

77-365-20100318824Behold the grumpy forehead. I was not my daughter’s favourite. First because she had to dress warmly for the first stretch of the trip, which started at 05:30, and secondly this does not even begin to compare to the grumpy forehead I got after roughly 12 hours in a car seat only to be surrounded by strangers who all want to touch her and say how cute she is.

We met up with all the family who came down for my uncle’s funeral. Maybe she was tired, maybe she picked up the emotion laden atmosphere, don’t know…but roughly 10 minutes into it she decided that she had had enough and would just wail until I got her somewhere quiet and not in a car seat with no hair stroking strangers around.

I’ll be honest: travelling with a 3 month old baby all day is not the most fun I’ve ever had with my pants on. Next time I’m flying. 😉 Thank goodness we could use my mom’s car which at least has aircon!

77-365-20100318829I couldn’t resist this one. Frangipani, my favourite flower and found everywhere in abundance on the South Coast. 😀 There will definitely be more photos of this weekend shortly…it really is beautiful down here.

I’m hoping to take Nicola down to the beach to go dip her toes in the tide pools either later today or maybe tomorrow depending on how the family program runs. I wonder what she will make of the sea the first time she sees it? 😆 Better drive down instead of walk in case it doesn’t tickle her fancy.           



  1. You don’t want to fly with a baby either… trust me…

  2. Glad you survived the car trip! She’s one cute little munchkin

  3. Flying has it’s own set of issues, believe me. I have done both with multiple children and now believe that a DVD in the car roof is THE ANSWER.

  4. I love her hair. I flew with Abigail and Logan to Cape Town last month and I had no hassles, they both slept most of the way.

    We had to buy a bigger car for our road trips ha, ha… because we have 2 camper cots, 2 prams, 2 of everything…………hee, hee…..

    Have a fab time at the beach!

  5. flying is definitely easier 🙂 brave you – i was too chicken to even contemplate a roadtrip until the kid was at least two. even then – it was hard work.


  6. She’s cute even when she’s cross!

    Glad you all survived the trip. Hope the return wasn’t as bad.

  7. Going away with a baby really is no joke. My knucklehead and I spent many weekends away from home when he was little, and back then things weren’t nearly as compact as they are now!!

  8. Yep – travelling with a tiny baby can be painful. We took Jack to Durban when he was 2 months old. The trip itself was uneventful enough because Jack is generally a very easy baby. But sitting in his car seat for that long drive made him constipated and I spent the next couple of weeks trying to get him to have a decent poop!

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