58 – 64 of 365

6 March , 2010

Day 58

58-365-20100227687 Mwahaha! I combed her a little mohawk after bath time. 😉 Quite frankly I am at a loss as to what I should do with all her hair. I don’t want to cut it, but I need to get it out of her eyes or she’ll end up looking like cousin IT soon.

Day 59

59-365-20100228688This is what she wore to her first church visit last Sunday.

Day 60 (2)

60-365-20100301691My first day back at work. Behold my stair master. Let’s be honest, I don’t have time to go to gym and now that I only have one neck instead of two to worry about I’m taking the stairs instead of the lift everywhere I want to go. I had a nice pair of blisters after my first day of traipsing around like this in heels (keep in mind that I only wore flat shoes and flip flops for most of the last year – BIG adjustment!).

60-365-20100301692This peculiar art is in our Human Resources department. Am I the only one who thinks of crying when I see it? Might be because it was my baby’s first day at school on Monday and I had a couple of weepy attacks through the day about it?

Day 61

61-365-20100302704Nicola is having a blast at school and greets Christine with a big gummy grin each morning when I drop her off. It makes it easier. I don’t know how I’d be able to leave her somewhere if she hated it. Anyhoo, my kid hasn’t even been in school for a week and already I have my first homework assignment! I saw in the news letter that they’re having an easter hat parade on the 26th, and each kiddie is supposed to go home and make a funky hat to wear for that day. When I mentioned to Christine that I don’t think Nicola was going to be able to make her own hat yet she asked why not, she’s got plenty of slaves? 😆 So this is the rough draft of what will soon be a bunny ear hat. I think I’m going to attack it with a glitter pen sometime this weekend.

Day 62

62-365-20100303710My big girl, happily on her way to school. 😀

Day 63

63-365-20100304713On Thursday it was Nicola’s very first school photo day and this is what I dressed her up in. She was yawning like no one’s business – not sure if she was nearly as excited as I was about this. We get the photos in about two weeks then I’ll let you have a look-see.

Day 64 (3)

64-365-20100305718If you want to know what the most comfy pose is to sleep in from 20:00 to 04:00, this is it! 😉

64-365-20100305720Having a chat with greatgrandma about her day.

64-365-20100305721Watching sport with grandpa. Sparrow and my dad have bets on who she’ll end up supporting: my dad is a big Blue Bulls supporter and Sparrow seems to support anyone but the Blue Bulls and is trying to make a Stormer out of her. If she’s anything like me she won’t give a damn about rugby, but I’ll let them try and sell it to her for now anyway. 😉



  1. Ai,Louisa, met elke batch foto’s dink ek sy kan onmoontlik nie mooier of cuter word nie——- en dan bewys klein Prinses my verkeerd!
    Day 62 is so, so, so vreeslik mooi!
    Waar de ongeluk kry die kind daai oë soos pierings?!!!
    Jy doen ‘n goeie joppie, so op jou eie!

  2. Mohawk ftw!

  3. Haha I like the bunny hat!

  4. We are also a Stormer/Bulls household here but the decision is still out on all 3 kids. Princess seem to lean towards the Bulls – mommy is delighted.

    I am so glad that she loves school! It really makes it so much easier.

  5. She is so oulik.

  6. Aw Louisa she’s just so cute!

  7. Congratulations on finding a school where you can leave her happy. That is so much a major plus for moms.

  8. She is beautiful. Good luck with the making of the hat, I hate projects 🙂

  9. I love how surprised to be wearing a bunny hat she looks 😉

  10. Antie Koekie, daai is my gunsteling vir die week ook. 🙂 Sy raak elke dag net ouliker – jy moet haar nou hoor kraai en geluidjies maak!

    Chris, I also liked it but no one else in my house did. 😆

    Po, I still need to do it up a bit – but it’s a good start. 😉

    cat, 😆 I’m glad to see mine isn’t the only divided household then?

    Wenchy, dankie! 😀

    Angel, she just gets cuter every day. 🙂

    Momcat, they’re really going above and beyond for us. She’s actually too young to go to the baby class so for the first two weeks they’re looking after her in the office! Isn’t that nice? 🙂

    Fairy Girl, so far I enjoy the projects. I’m just relieved that I get so much time to complete it, cause it feels like I’m just barely touching sides.

    Tamara, I think she may have been VERY surprised. She doesn’t like hats, or anything covering her feet either – so we tend to steer away from all things that will make her scream like a banshee. I fit the hat so quickly that she barely had time to protest before it was off again. 😆 I’ll let them figure out how to keep it on her head for the parade.

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