51 – 57 of 365

27 February , 2010

Day 51

51-365-20100220619Nicola wearing her twitter T-shirt for the queen’s tea party.

Day 52

52-365-20100221644Attending cousin Natalie’s first birthday party.

Day 53

53-365-20100222650Taking a dip in the pool with grandpa.

Day 54 (3)

54-365-20100223655Why yes, I do have a touch of OCD.

54-365-20100223659Sparrow says he’s figured out why Nicola likes to sleep with her arms stretched above her head. 😉

54-365-20100223661My brother is thinking of swapping his Harley for a different kind of beast now.

Day 55

55-365-20100224668Sweet sleeping angel baby.

Day 56

56-365-20100225676Ester our assistant – she rocks our world. (Have I mentioned how much I loathe ironing?).

Day 57

57-365-20100226681        Tigger sneaking a corner of the bed while she thinks no one is watching.



  1. Love the pegs 🙂

  2. Jeanette, do you recognise some of them? The two white ones are yours by the way. 😉

  3. Aw I love the one of the two of you sleeping!

  4. Angel, me too… 😆

  5. I also love the one with the two of you sleeping. Nicola is such a little beauty!

  6. awwww she looks so gorgeous in that shirt 🙂

  7. Alet. she really is. I am one proud mamma! 😀

    Exmi, 😆 I’ll have to take her to more tweet-ups so she can wear it again.

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