42 – 50 of 365

19 February , 2010

Day 42

42-365-20100211561That looks pretty relaxed to me. 😀

Day 43 (2)

43-365-20100212566I will never blink! Mwahahaha…

43-365-20100212570Nicola is still very keen on the sitting up business, but the head gets heavy after a while. 😛

Day 44

44-365-20100213573My gran, my mom and my aunt – we all attended my cousin’s kitchen tea (in bloody Pretoria which was hot as hell and infested with ants!).

Day 45

45-365-20100214576Sparrow and I took his sister to the botanical gardens to go see the waterfall during her recent visit from CT. We couldn’t get the pram to fit in his car so he carried Nicola (in her car seat!) for probably about 2km there and back! My kid now weighs about 5kg and her car seat is at least that if not more (probably more). What a hero – I am glad I didn’t have to carry her, I’d be dead by back spasm for sure.

Day 46 (3)

46-365-20100215584Nicola likes to chill on the big girl bed now – cots are so last week! 😉

46-365- 20100215587Princess Tigger, ruler of the stack of boxes and protector of car keys.

46-365-20100215589My mom babysat Nicola for me and I went to Clearwater Mall with Tammy for a cocktail and a movie. Just look at this beast – magnificent! JB’s corner for in case you wanted one too. They promised me that this is what their frozen margeritas usually look like and it’s not just for me.

Day 47

47-365-20100216592Nicola, giggling in her sleep. 😆 I wonder what she’s dreaming about?

Day 48

48-365-20100217600She gets so excited about nappy changes and she starts kicking so enthusiastically it even blurs on the photo, see? Now try and fasten the thing properly while she does that!

Day 49

49-365-20100218613Nap time, what’s not to love?

Day 50

50-365-20100219618Can you believe my little girl is 2 months old today? Wow…time really does fly. Feels like just yesterday when I held her in my arms the first time, and here we are one week away from the end of my maternity leave already. *sigh* I think I better buy a really big box of tissues for my first day back in the saddle.         



  1. so cool 🙂

  2. Awww, man! Lookit how big she’s getting already!
    Eish – end of maternity leave, huh? That sucks sweaty goat balls, to borrow from the infamous Dooce…
    Hope it goes easy(ish) for you!

  3. I cannot believe she is two months old already! she is just the prettiest little girl ever!

    P.S. Nothing wrong with Pretoria, apart from the ants 🙂

  4. OH MY GOSH she is adorable. well done you.

  5. I just have to say – you have a very cute kid!

    I know I’ve been quiet on here. But I have read (caught up on after the holiday) everything. Just never really had a decent comment. Still don’t! But to say, man, she’s cute! Good job!

  6. Wow… how time flies! She’s so cute with those big brown eyes!

  7. I can’t believe she’s two months and I have yet to meet her!

    Love the pics of Day 47 and 50. Gorgeous girl!

  8. I have to say it again – she is the most gorgeous baby!

    And it was freaking killer hot in PTA last weekend – I agree.

  9. My word, she’s cute!! Love the look of the Margarita

  10. She is so very lovely.

  11. I love the second pic, soo cute!

  12. Hi Louisa… this is the first time i have had some time to check face book , i just want to say that your little cookie looks beautiful with mommy’s big brown eyes … Storm will be 7 months old on Tuesday … can you believe it … he now weighs a wopping 9.7 kg but he is too cute … all the best for the future months… tell sparrow i say hi … oh and going back to work is hard the first day … but you will learn to enjoy the adult conversation again trust me

  13. Congrats on the 2 months, time sure does fly by quickly. Enjoy the last of your maternity leave.

  14. StevenMcD, thanks! 😀

    MeeA, yeah – I’m a little bit scared about it, but we’ll get through it one way or another.

    Alet, remind me next time I see you to have the PTA chat. 😉

    Rebecca, thank you! 🙂

    Champs, oh ditto! I have been reading about all your escapades too. Seems you’re taking another country by storm? 😉

    Angel, some days they’re brown, some days grey or green, but she’s always adorable. 😉

    Tamara, we really must make a plan. What’s your week looking like?

    Cat, and we were in the North close to the mountain if that means anything to you? It was beyond freaking hot!

    Jeanette, I felt like I was doing an ice sculpture when I drank it. Really nice, really good looking too.

    Wenchy, thank you! 🙂

    Po, I’m still trying to capture a proper Nicola smile…that was the closest I’ve managed to get so far.

    Cookie, hallo hallo! Long time no chat. Wow, 9,7kg?! My kid better give up on the rocking business before she gets to that weight…my back is killing me already! When are you putting new photos up of Storm?

    Fairy Girl, thank you! 🙂

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