36 – 41 of 365

11 February , 2010

Day 36

36-365-20100205530Isn’t she just the cutest little thing?

Day 37

37-365-20100206539Nicola has a new thing now. She doesn’t want to lie down – I think she’s scared she’ll miss something. So I have one of two choices, I can hold her up in a sitting position or I can prop her up with something (in this case a breastfeeding cushion with a blanky over it). Eventually she nods off anyway. 😉

Day 38 (3)

38-365-20100207542I am rereading this book. This woman is very clever, I’ll tell you that much. In the book there’s a test to see which of the 5 main types of baby you happen to have. Obviously you can’t take the test before you have the actual baby – best really if you wait for a few weeks until the baby starts being itself instead of sleeping all day. There are, according to Tracy Hogg, 5 types of baby: the angel baby, the textbook baby, the touchy baby, the spirited baby and the grumpy baby. Nicola is definitely a spirited baby!

You’ll have to read the book yourself for the definitions of the other 4 kinds and how to deal best with them – but this is what she says about a spirited baby:

  • This is a baby who seems to emerge from the womb knowing what she likes and doesn’t like, and she won’t hesitate to let you know it. These babies are very vocal and even seem aggressive at times…(blah-blah-blah, skip to the interesting bits)…their body language tends to be a bit jerky. They often need swaddling to get to sleep (my kid hates swaddling by the way – I would go as far as to say she is violently opposed to swaddling), because their flailing arms and legs keep them up and overstimulated. If she starts crying and the cycle is not interrupted, it’s like a point of no return, and her crying leads to more crying until she’s reached a fever pitch of rage. A spirited baby is likely to grab for her bottle at an early age (too right! she actually growls at us if we try to take it away before she’s done). She’ll also notice other babies before they notice her, and as soon as she’s old enough to develop a good, firm grasp, she’ll grab their toys as well (looks like I’ll have to have a chat to her about sharing early on).

I don’t mind that she’s a spirited baby – a bit of attitude goes a long way, right? 😉 This is not a kid who will let life push her around I think. She’ll push back!

    38-365-20100207544She’s been suffering itchy sensitive gums, poor baby. The nurse at the clinic says she’s not cutting them yet but they’ve definitely moved into position already. I soak a corner of her spit-cloth in vanilla essence and she likes to chew on it – while I help her sit upright of course! Lying down is so last week. 😛

38-365-20100207545After a long and fussy day, she eventually falls asleep – sitting upright(ish) of course. 😉

Day 39

39-365-20100208547Tigger takes the opportunity to come and give me a snuggle while Nicola naps.

Day 40 (2)

40-365-20100209548I got this face picture in some or another handout at hospital after the C-section. It occurred to me that Nicola might be bored? Or at the very least that this might distract her from her love of screaming while I change her nappies, so I put it up at the changing station. Rumour has it babies dig looking at lines and face picture – so it was worth a shot. The first time she saw it she stared at the face intently for a few minutes and then twisted herself completely around to stare at the tube of bum cream, then looking between the two a couple of times. That’s when I noticed the bum cream also has a face on it – what a clever kid I have. 😀 I’m not just saying that because I’m a proud mommy. She is obviously the cutest, cleverest kid ever born!

40-365-20100209549Now that she’s becoming a bit more aware of her surroundings I thought I’d slowly introduce her to some toys as well. She likes the little ducky, when I make it squeek she smiles from ear to ear. If I bring it close to her she tries to bite it’s head though!

Day 41 (2)

41-365-20100210553Yesterday we went on a little field trip again. First stop was the clinic for her 8 week inoculations (what a nightmare – and she has to go again in 4 weeks!) and the next stop was at Simone’s office for a quick hallo. Simma now has an office dog! Well, he’s an office dog till her house renovations are finished anyway. His name is Wander, and he is a little force of destruction!

41-365-20100210556After the injections my baby was feeling MISERABLE!…she wanted nothing but mommy all day long. And not just to see me, she wasn’t happy unless I held her (sitting upright of course). We tried the chair thingy for roughly two minutes before she realised I wasn’t the one doing the holding up and had a mini-meltdown again.

After almost 8 weeks of holding, rocking, swinging, bouncing and carrying I am proud to say I now have arms of steel! 😆

Obviously it’s awful to see her in pain or suffering, but I will admit it was flattering to know that when she feels like crap she TRUSTS only me to make her feel better and keep her safe. Makes you feel a bit like a super-hero really. I would take on the world to protect my little girl.



  1. She’s looking so gorgeous and alert. Thats a good idea about the vanilla essence soaked cloth. Vanilla essence soothes peeps of all ages! Lovely photos – I enjoyed them.

  2. She’s just so beautiful!

  3. Ah the world of spirited kids – I know it well 🙂

    She is getting so big and is so very cute Louisa – and I have still not seen her 😦

  4. Momcat, thank you! I enjoy posting them. It’s too hard to just pick one a day sometimes.

    Angel, 😀

    Laura, 😆 yes – I believe you do. You’ll have to give me some pointers? We have to make a plan for a visit soon. I may be going to the queen’s tea party next week – are you going? If I can manage to go I will bring the pink terrorist with me.

  5. Oh she is beautiful! DO you have a baby pouch? A carrier thingy? If not – drop me a mail and you can get one from me.

  6. I’m loving the photo updates! She’s gorgeous, Louisa. And I’m mentally filing all these tips and tricks (like the vanilla essence) away for use if I ever do have my own kidlets.

  7. lol @ “Lying down is so last week.”

    its awesome that u have a little baby for your 365 photo thingy…! gonna be awesome looking back in december!!

  8. She is sooooooooooooo adorable!!!

  9. This blog is such a treat. I don’t have a little one as yet. Have been trying without success for 4 years. 😦 I am also making little crib notes. I know they will come in handy ONE day. Even if it is only to give advice to other newborn mothers 🙂

    The photo of her in the blue chair is just adorable.

  10. She is too gorgeous! LOL at the sitting up, it’s also a wind thing, it’s more comfy to be upright so the winds come out

  11. cat, I do have something but it’s quite a mission to use (need at least two people to get the baby in it). I’d love to have a look at yours! Will mail you at once, thank you. 😀

    Tamara, 😆 I know what you mean – I’m also learning as I go along, but I almost feel like writing a manual by now. Glad if I can help your future offspring in the process.

    Tanya, she is growing up so quickly already if I compare the first photos of her to the ones I take now she already looks like another little person. I am loving the 365 thing (even if I have to do batch updates in between feeds and nappies and what not).

    Wenchy, thank you! 🙂 I hope you get to meet her soon in person.

    Chantelle, thanks for dropping in to read my rambles and see my photos. Trying for 4 years?! Sjoe…I can only tell you what ended up working for me – since I didn’t even think it was ever going to happen. Here goes: red wine and relaxing, but especially the red wine. 😉

    Jeanette, are you sure about the wind…I think she secretly hatches plans to see how she can keep me busier, and sitting is just one of the steps in her master plan. 😆

  12. Louisa, she is just too cute for words! I love the fact that you are already starting to see her personality coming out. She is going to give you all types of hell when she becomes a teenager! 😉

  13. Toooooooooooo cute!

  14. Ah man, that is the cutest baby ever!

  15. She is gorgeous, can’t believe how quickly they grow.

  16. Michelle, 😆 I have no doubt that you’re right about that!

    Talita, 😀

    Rox, thank you! 🙂

    Fairy Girl, it’s happening right in front of my eyes. I can’t believe how much she’s already grown in the last two months. Actually I can’t even believe that I’ve had her for two months some days!

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