30 – 35 of 365

4 February , 2010

Day 30 (3)

30-365-20100130495Look at her perfect tiny little fingers…aaaaaw! 🙂

30-365-20100130504We went to a baby shower on Saturday and when I saw these I really missed Angel and all her wonderful creations.

30-365-20100130505This is what Nicola wore for the baby shower.

Day 31

31-365-20100131508Having a fat chat with grandpa.

Day 32

32-365-20100201511My kid giggles and smiles in her sleep – how cute is that?!

Day 33

33-365-20100202517Trying out a new dummy – I think she likes it?

Day 34

34-365-20100203525She was MISERABLE all day. We went to go see Tammy-Voice-Of-Reason-Sunshine who has the tumble drier of happiness it seems. 😉

Day 35

35-365-20100204526My, what big eyes you have. I can’t wait to see what colour they’ll settle on – doc says it can take up to a year. Doesn’t matter really – they’re gorgeous  in any colour.        



  1. Awww that last photo is too adorable, she looks like a nag-apie

  2. I love her hair. She made me smile.

  3. Cute!!!

  4. Nicola is practically a cat I tell you… She’s always sleeping! 😛

    Such a beautiful baby, just like her mama!

  5. Oh she’s so beautiful Louisa…

  6. Ag, Louisa,daardie laaste foto is soooo stunning, beyond words!!
    Ek wens ek kon die ou dingetjie sien?
    Dankie vir al die mooi foto’s wat jy met ons deel.

  7. She really is a little beauty, you must be so proud !!!

  8. Oh she is the most beautiful baby with the most awesome head of hair.

  9. Three cheers for the tumble drier of happiness!

  10. You really gotta wonder what she’s dreaming about. Sleeping like a child is the way to go.

  11. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the photos – I’m having a grand time taking them and deciding which to show you. Love this blog challenge! 😀

  12. You know what…. Your little monkey is making me feel very broody… She is soo damn cute!

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