24 – 29 of 365

30 January , 2010

Day 24

365-20100128487I did actually have a photo taken on day 24, but Sparrow (the little shit) got hold of my phone/camera and deleted it! To say that I went into a mighty sulk would be a “slight” understatement. Anyhoo, I thought I’d stick this one in here instead, since I now don’t have a photo anymore *grumble grumble grumble*. The blue car is mine obviously – the other jack ass doesn’t seem to think that I would like some space to get Nicola’s car seat in and out. Idiot.

Day 25

365-20100125468Poor baby really wasn’t feeling very well this week. The colic is now practically all cleared up, but now she’s battling a flu now.

Day 26

365- 20100126477Having a enthusiastic chat to her right hand about life the universe and everything.

Day 27

365-20100127485We went out for breakfast with @8UNNI. She wanted to feed Nicola, who then proceeded to vomit an entire bottle of milk down the poor girl’s cleavage! (and somehow manage to miss mommy completely this time). Mwahahahaha!

Day 28

365-20100128489Cutest little feet in the world.

Day 29

365- 20100129493This stuff is The Shit, I kid you not. Within minutes after I put the tiniest little drop of it on Nicola’s babygro her nose clears up and she can settle down for some peaceful sleeping. It says it’s actually for babies 6 months and older but I have checked with the doc and he says a tiny little drop on her clothes or blanky is fine by him.

The poor man must think I’m some sort of nutcase. Every time I have Nicola there I’m the one doing the bawling while she just sits there looking at him like she doesn’t have a care in the world. I think he keeps the tissues on his desk just for emo parents like me! 😆 To his credit, he let me harp on about how sick and miserable she’s been this week for almost an hour before sending me on my way to get some saline nose drops and an over the counter infant pain syrup. Talk about anti-climax.

The pharmacist also keeps a box of tissues on the counter for people like me by the way. She said that if I need something to help me, I should get the doctor to give me a prescription too. I told her, unless he can prescribe a live-in nanny with full medical training and a bottle of tequila for me I don’t really see what he can do. I had to pick her up of the floor laughing… 😉 I think she thinks I’m kidding.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. My baby is feeling much better today – and when Nicola feels better I feel fabulous! 😀 Hope you all have a kick-ass weekend. I haven’t been on line much this week so I have a lot of catching up to do on my reader.      



  1. She is gorgeous

  2. Aaw I’m so glad she’s feeling better.

  3. I am sorry I a way behind in my blog reading and I still have not managed to squeeze a visit in, life has been hectic. But she is just too gorgeous. I can’t wait to see her in person. I am glad she is feeling better

  4. hahaha. get used to assholes that park like that…

    i used to write them rude notes and leave them stuck under their windscreen wipers – but it gets a bit tedious after a while…

  5. I am so glad that the colic is easing up! Hope you feel so much better now. Hunter and I am just talking now about some tough times we had. Good memories!

  6. Tell Sparrow to but out of our photo’s or you will sneak one in of him sleeping! Glad Nicola is feeling better and hope you are getting some rest

  7. Nicola is just getting cuter by the day!

  8. I’m always amazed by people that park so *they* can get out … independent of other people.

  9. So glad the colic is on its way out! Hope the flu follows it away too.

    She is too precious chattering away to her hand.

  10. You might find this somewhat useful for future reference. I keep a stash of these in my car…


    You really made a beautiful girl though 😀


  11. I’m so glad Nicola is better! She is beautiful!

  12. Soo glad to hear she is feeling better and mommy too. She is beautiful!

  13. Wenchy, she is isn’t she? 😀

    Angel, me too – it really does my heart in to see her suffer.

    Sally-Jane, no problem…I understand busy now to an extent that I haven’t ever done before. 😉 If she’s healthy and happy I might bring her along to the next LOL gathering too.

    ExMi, it’s not even that he wasn’t aware of what I needed to lug around. He watched me with the car seat before parking like that and then still took his time getting out of his car while I had to wait to put her in. The note thing really appeals to me…but I’d have them pre-printed and ready. There’s no time for writing F You when you need to do everything with one hand. 😛

    Cat, it’s a lot better now. I am so glad the chiro worked his magic…seriously worth every single cent! Some days are difficult, but when she flashes on of those smiles at me or gives me a snuggle it makes it all worth it. 🙂

    Nanuschka, I told him…he had some empty threats that he wanted me to repeat. Not too worry I think. 😉

    Girl vdS, she sure is! 😀

    JD, unbelievable what some people will do, but what goes around comes around, right?

    Tamara, you have to see the hand chatting in action to fully appreciate how cute it is. She’s feeling much better now thank goodness.

    Boobah’s Mom, mwahahahaha – love those! Thank you.

    Alet, thanks – me too.

    Fairy Girl, I hope her getting this mild flu now will give her a free pass this winter. That would be *really* great. It’s not fun to see my poor baby sick like this.

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