At least now we know?

24 January , 2010

I have been really worried about Nicola. It’s like having two very different babies! During the day, she’s happy. She smiles, eats, sleeps like a champ and is generally just the cutest little thing. At night time, every night time, she starts screaming like she’s in terrible pain and there’s no consoling her in any way except swinging her in her car seat (there goes my stitches again) or taking her for a drive. Between 19:00 and 02:00 she cries non-stop!

By Thursday I was convinced that she ether had an ear infection (because she keeps turning on her right side) or that she’s allergic to her new formula, maybe even lactose intolerant because apparently this is exactly what I did as a baby until I was put on a soy formula. It’s just so hard trying to figure out what’s wrong with a little person who can’t speak for themselves – and it was driving me a bit batty seeing her suffer like that (the lack of sleep wasn’t really helping either).

So on Friday we went to the paediatrician for her check-up and to see if he would be better at guessing what was wrong than her silly mommy.

The doctor tells me my kid has colic. He says that no one knows what causes it, although he assures me that they don’t just call everything they can’t figure out colic either (yes, I asked). He was actually very good about the whole thing – wonder how often he gets to deal with near-hysterical parents like me?

Doc said that they classify a baby as having colic when an otherwise healthy and happy baby of at least 3 weeks or older, cries for at least 3 hours a day at least 3 days a week. Well she certainly checks all those boxes. He prescribed a new formula (Nan HA) which he said would give her less gas (which it does), and two months worth of Probiotic drops once daily to help her cultivate healthy bacteria, and then once a day Buscopan for cramps (which knocks her out cold for HOURS).

From what I understand there’s not too much you can do about colic. It takes three months and then disappears as mysteriously as it appeared. Turns out I might be wrong about that.

Some googling reveals that it’s fairly common practice for a chiropractor to get involved. And rumour has it that they can usually sort it out with three of four treatments? The theory is that it’s caused by birth trauma (especially in C-section babies) and that it’s almost like having a stiff neck (which would explain why she keep turning on her right side no matter how I put her down?).

I’m willing to give it a bash if it would mean two months less unhappiness for my baby, but I don’t want to take her to just anyone. I need to find a chiropractor who specialised in treating babies. So I’m sticking out my feelers to see if anyone I know has a recommendation for me. So far, it looks like Tammy might (Thank you sunshine, you come to the rescue once again! Remind me to get you a ton of chocolate to show my eternal gratitude).

She’s already a lot better with all the stuff the doctor prescribed, but she still cries more at night than during the day. At least she doesn’t sound like she’s in so much pain anymore, and I am just relieved that I know what it is now so that we can work on finding a solution.

Ps! Am I the only one that hears the word “formula” and thinks chemistry set? 😆 All the little drops and measurements don’t help really. Doc says sometimes it takes 5 tries to find the right formula for a baby. Well Nicola is on her third type already, so keep your fingers crossed that this is THE ONE.



  1. my best friends brother-in-law is a chiropractor who specialises in babies. will give you number later. xxx

  2. remember that recipe i gave you a while back involving tissue salts and colic drops? that’s what saved my life during this phase…

    colic is TERRIBLE. i agree. the best part about it? they outgrow it. the bad part? only in about 3 months time..

    good luck – we’ll be thinking of you. xx

  3. also, Janine Dunlop (@neen01) has written about colic and chiropractors for the your baby magazine and i think has tried that route herself…

    i suggest you ask her for recommendations as to chiropractors worth trusting.


  4. i think @snowgoosesa’s chiro specialises in babies/kids…
    http://twitter.com/babychiro and http://chiroclinic.co.za/

  5. My knucklehead screamed from 6pm to 11pm every night until he was 3 months old, and he was breastfed!

  6. A good friend eventually resorted to consulting a practitioner of acupuncture after her son screamed blue murder for like two months straight (this was after trying all of the above). She swears by it. Two sessions and the kid apparently stopped screaming and smiled at her, (gas?) then fell asleep. No more colic. I can give you her number if you want to verify. Good luck either way!

  7. Good luck… everyone above has good suggestions

  8. Yes apparently chiropractors can help – I wish I had known this with Cameron!!

    But as I mentioned – the homepath save my life with Cameron and colic!

    Good luck!

  9. Louisa, I have EMPATHY with you! My Cecile had colic, thatwas in 1980, and I still remember every minute of it.The day I neerly landed in front of an incomming train, by accident, with my 3 kids in the car, because I was sleepwalking, convinced me that something serious was wrong.I took het to the docter, het put her on Isomel———- and she slept!!
    I used to rock her to sleep, standing hands and knees over her on the bed, (resting my head on the pillow, trying to get two minutes worth of much needed sleep) and the moment she starts crying, I would start rocking!! It was sheer HELL!

  10. It’s got to feel good to know the underlying reason, even if it might take a while to fix. I think in this case, knowing is more than half the battle.

  11. By the time I am finally married, I will be healed from my broodiness. The more I read the less I think I want children. How do you get through the first two years without losing your sanity? 😛

    Good luck Louisa! x x x

  12. I am so sorry to hear about your little Nicole, thinking of you during this time. Hoping that the Chiropractor will help you.

    You can also try Aromatherpy – not sure if you are keen on this.

    Massage Oil Formula and Mix
    Chamomile Roman 1 drop
    Lavender 1 drop
    Geranium 1 drop
    Dilute the above in 30 ml sweet almond oil

    Rub the tummy in circular movements and then her little back.

    If it is severe colic you can also try:
    Dill 1 drop
    Dilute in 15 ml sweet almond oil

    Same massage movements as above. This may smell like gripe water because gripe water is made of dill.

  13. Oh I can tell you, the chiropractor works, like magic. One of my friend’s baby was almost instantly cured – only took him 3 times for like 5 minutes each time. Truly like magic, and yea, C-section baby.

    Good luck girl, it must be really tough. I am so glad I missed that one at least.

  14. Shame, Louisa. You’re having such a rough time. And poor little Nicola! I wish I had some useful suggestions too. I’m keeping you both in my prayers and hoping that the colic disappears soonest.

  15. Rebecca, thank you so much. She’s already had her first appointment with him and it looks promising. 😀

    ExMi, thanks! I’ve been giving her all those goodies too – I shudder to think what it would be like without that. Did your kid have colic too?

    Tanya, thank you!

    Angel, sjoe! I though it was mostly C-section bottle fed babies that got it. Well, your knucklehead came through it okay – so there’s hope for us, right?

    Girl, I’m really hoping this will help but if it doesn’t I’ll keep that in mind thanks.

    Jenty, thank you!

    Laura, thanks! Keep your fingers crossed that the chiro sorts it out for us.

    Antie Koekie, you should see me swinging that car seat like my life depends on it. It’s doing wonders for the muscle tone in my arms – not so much for my unraveling C-section stitches though. Also I’ve clocked more than 30 kms driving round the block already and my neighbours must think I’ve joined the watch or something? 😉

    JD, I agree…although technically I guess I still don’t exactly know. No one can say for sure what colic is.

    Girl vdS, I dunno. Keep reading though – if I find out I’ll tell all, promise. 😉

    Fairy Girl, thanks a mil. If she’s not too miserable during her bath tonight I’ll give it go with some lavender and sweet almond oil so long…I don’t have any of the others at the moment.

    Cat, well – we’re one session deep in what looks like a 4 or 5 series and I can already see some improvement in her. She still fusses a lot but at least it doesn’t sound like she’s in so much pain.

    Tamara, that means a lot to me – thank you! 🙂

  16. So glad that you finally know what the problem is! Don’t worry, it will pass soon enough and you’ll forget all about it. Luke too had night-colic, a nightmare, and I can’t imagine why I never thought of this before. Good luck and miss you stax

  17. Good luck with the baby. Hope you can get her through this terrible time

  18. Ah man, I am sorry to hear that poor Nicola has colic. I remember when BumbleBee had it, it was so difficult to feel so helpless while this treasure in your hands is in pain! 😦

    Nicola is a fighter like her mom so I know she’ll be just fine soon!!!

  19. Petunia, thanks buddy for the good wishes. The chiro really worked his magic on the colic. I am so relieved that it worked and so very very grateful that I heard about it because three months of 7 hours a day screaming would have driven me round the bend! Miss you too! When are you guys coming up? Sparrow says there might be a transfer in the pipeline?

    twistygirl, thank you! 🙂 I hope so too.

    Freddy, I forgot that BumbleBee had colic too. Shame poor kid. Well, at least I know we WILL get through it, right? 😉 And Nicola is definitely a little fighter!

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