19 – 23 of 365

24 January , 2010

Day 19

365- 20100119425We had our first “road trip” together – just the two of us. I was grinning like an idiot being able to drive myself again for the first time since November and my daughter was so impressed that she fell asleep at once. This is the face she wore through the whole adventure. 😆

Day 20 (2)

365-20100120441My brother came to visit quickly. Suits him, don’t you think? 😀 He is making an excellent God Father…all he needs is a lizard now.

365-20100120440How cute are these little toes?!

Day 21 (2)

365-20100121444Daytime Nicola…

365-20100121442Night-time Nicola…(this one especially for Antie Koekie who doesn’t believe that this little princess ever cries).  Believe me, she CRIES! Every night from about 19:00 to 02:00 she screams as if the world is coming to an end. I had her at the paediatrician on Friday, and it turns out my baby has colic, poor kid. 😦 I’ll do a separate post about that later…

Day 22

365-20100122452Every night she tells Grandma all about her day and what happened (mostly sleep but she tells it very enthusiastically!).

Day 23

365- 20100123456I know it’s pink but I really love this little babygrow – hehehehe. It says “Do you think I was born yesterday?” 😆



  1. Very cool photos Louisa!

  2. I am loving all the photos! And I agree that the babygro is gorgeous despite being pink 😉

  3. Angel, thanks! 😀

    Tamara, I’m glad you like them…my poor cat is feeling very underexposed these days though. 😉

  4. what’s wrong with pink babygros?

  5. boobahsmom, nothing per se…I’m just not a big fan of pink. 😉

  6. aaaaahhh, i see.

    I like pink though, so if you want to buy me something, it’s okay if it’s pink, wahahahahaha


  7. Boobah’s Mom, cool – I’ll keep that in mind! 😉 I’ve heard this kind of thing sometimes skips a generation so there is a very good chance that my girl will be mad about pink and ruffles to the extent that I detest them? *sigh* Oh well…

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