A post full of whining

18 January , 2010

I’m not going to make a habit of it – promise – but there are a few things I should bring you up to speed with first and then we’ll move on again.

  • Remember way back when? When TGC’s parents swore high and low that they wanted to be part of my baby’s life? Remember that when she was actually born they didn’t bother to show their faces, or even send a message acknowledging her arrival? Remember when I saw his dad at my local grocer and he tried to be invisible? Well, imagine my surprise yesterday when after a MONTH I get this message from his step-mom: “Why so quiet? How are you and the baby?”. WHY AM I SO QUIET?!?!?!?! Un-f-ing-believable. Also “the baby” has a name assholes. Her name is Nicola. And if you are wondering how we are you could have picked up the phone some time in the last month and phoned us, or even if you were feeling very energetic got in your damn car and drove the 2km from your house to ours to find out. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on and your little black dog. It’s none of your business how we are, by your own choice (made a month ago when you didn’t bother to get involved like you promised to). Needless to say – I didn’t bother answering, and if they’re lucky I never will.
  • My sunroof isn’t closing properly. In fact in place it is actively opening. It’s freaking me the hell out. I was hoping when I see my doctor he could just sew me back together again quick/quick when I seem to be unravelling – but my mom says most likely I will have to go in for an operation so that the can open it up properly and close it on a fresh cut. Oh joy…
  • Of all the times to quit smoking (again) this probably wasn’t the brightest time to do so. Makes you wonder why I even bother? Well, I love smoking…love, love, love it. 😀 But at the moment it’s causing me more stress than it’s taking away – so best I lay the matches down and get on with the other stuff that needs doing.

That’s all the bitching and moaning I have time for today. Hope you all are having a much more kick-ass day than I am? (and that you’re the one doing the kicking)


I went to the hospital this morning where doc patched me up with some special magical plasters. He seems fairly confident that this will heal up nicely now in the next week or so because he told me to come see him again in a year for my next check up. I hope he’s right! 🙂

I think mayhaps I overreacted a tad about the whole hole in my abdomen thing, but I swear it was getting bigger and I did feel like I was unraveling (in more ways than one).

Anyhoo, thanks for the support. Everything seems to be under control again now, and hopefully that will take care of our quota of drama for the week? 😉


  1. Oh hell! They probably thought you’d be visiting them.
    Maybe they didn’t want to pry before now? A lot of people don’t like visiting people with new babies for some odd reason.
    Good luck with the sunroof issue, hope it’s just healing slowly and you don’t need an op

  2. I agree – they should have at least phoned after the birth. Good luck with the non-smoking.

  3. Just shout if you need me to send someone over to break kneecaps, k? And hope your doc sorts you out with minimal pain and fuss and that the healing speeds up.

  4. Jeanette, nope – we made very definite arrangements that they would come see her in hospital. I know, because I had to draw them a map on how to get there and everything, so no confusion there to hide behind. As for the sunroof – thanks! I got patched up today, looks like I won’t need another op at least if it heals now in the next week or so, so please keep your fingers crossed for that. 🙂

    Cat, thank you – so far so good. I will admit to falling off the wagon for one borrowed smoke this morning (and I would have a whole packet right now if I had any in the house), but nothing else for today so far. I am weak…should just have been able to quit cold turkey and all that.

    Tamara, don’t tempt me! Mwahahaha! 😆 Thanks for the offer – I’ll keep it in mind. My doc patched me up with some magic plasters and he seems fairly confident that this will sort it out because he told me to make an appointment to come see him again for a check up next year. I feel a bit silly now – but staring into a big gaping hole in your abdomen will do that to you…well, it did that to me anyway. 😉

  5. Hope you heal quick, quick 🙂

  6. Fairy Girl, thank you! Me too. 🙂

  7. I am glad to see you are ‘normal’ after all. *sjoe* relief vriendin.

    It passes. Honest.

  8. Wenchy, 😆 of course I’m normal! I’m hanging in there friend – just taking one day at a time.

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