13 & 14 of 365

15 January , 2010

Day 13

365-20100113399Tigger, previous queen of the house – now recently dethroned by Nicola enjoys a rare moment of undisturbed on the bed she previously had full dibs on.

Day 14

365-20100114402New ruler of the house appears in a dress for the first time. The leggings didn’t last 10 minutes, her highness is offended by anything touching her legs or feet and makes her displeasure known soon-soon in no uncertain terms. I hope she lets this go over winter or I’m not sure how the heck I’ll keep her warm enough! She is super-cute though isn’t she? 😉 *grins from ear to ear*



  1. Oh she is beautiful!! She looks like a little doll in this photo

  2. Ahh Louisa, she’s absolutely GORGEOUS!! Congratulations!

    You must be a super-proud mommy!!

    Much love x 2.25

  3. Super cute doesn’t even begin to cover it! *broody*

  4. She is adorable!!!!

  5. She’s so tiny and delicate and gorgeous! Awww… Cute dress too 😉

  6. Nicola is so pretty and Tigger is not half bad either!:)

  7. my goodness, what a beautiful child. maybe we can come visit soon-ish…

  8. Definite lack of pink frills in these pictures. Must.go.to.the.post.office.

  9. Oh my! That is the cutest baby I have seen in a long time. Ag shame – nes ‘n ou poppie.

  10. Wow…she is gorgeous!!! As if I wasn’t broody enough. You have a stunning girl. Good luck in 16 years or so…….

  11. Very cute. Almost like a porcelain doll, but only better! You totally are allowed bragging rights! 😛

  12. I LOVE the dress and leggings… Shed love them too if she knew how cute she looks… Show her a pic 😉

  13. She looks like a porcelain doll in that picture!! Too cute!

  14. gosh she is adorable!!!!!!!!

  15. Well done, Louisa! Not only do you make a MEAN lasagne, but you managed to get the most adorable, doll-like little baby girl. You’ve got to show us a photo of the little princess crying, otherwise we won’t believe you that she can be unhappy about anything.

  16. Thank you guys! 😀 Yeah, she’s adorable – I am a very proud mama.

    Rebecca, you must definitely!

    Antie Koekie, I will post one as soon as I have a free hand to take one on the next event. 😉 Believe me, this kid has a set of lungs – and she’s not afraid to use them either.

  17. oh man she is just the cutest thing ever!! Well done mommy you made a beautiful baba there

  18. 😀

  19. Aauuww… man she is sooo gorgous!

  20. Girl vdS, thank you – I think so too! 🙂

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