TGC and the Invisibles

30 December , 2009

So, the question I get asked (very tentatively mostly) quite often these days is: What about Nicola’s dad? And his family?

Might as well let you all know what’s been happening and not been happening on that front:

To put it simply, we still haven’t heard from TGC – and it suits us down to our fluffy socks. The term “dead to me” comes to mind actually. I did let him know that she was born, even though I didn’t really feel that he deserved to know. I am not putting him on the birth certificate either. I’m also not going to claim any sort of maintenance from him unless he decides to crawl out of his hole and claim parental rights to a my baby who he’s had all of 5 minutes worth of involvement in – if he does that it will become very unpleasant for him (especially financially) in a hurry.

Now you might recall that his family were very keen to be involved up to fairly recently? It might have been a little uncomfortable for me in future making sure that she gets to see them and at the same time not see TGC, but it’s something I would have attempted in any case…Doesn’t look like I’ll have to though. They have been as quiet as their son. In fact the only member of his family who has bothered to say anything was his step-sister who congratulated us. This is also fine by me.

But what you might not know is that these people live literally round the corner from us! 😆 There is a local grocer where we have been buying our milk and bread and what-not more or less since my dad built this house in 1984, and just because it’s spitting distance from their house doesn’t mean that I’ll start shopping somewhere else from now on. After all, who is avoiding who here?!

Yesterday I got the chance to see TGC’s dad attempt to be INVISIBLE sneaking out of the shop when he saw me. Fun to watch really – well I thought so anyway. I think it’s pretty clear where this is going?

I wonder where they’ll be doing their shopping in future? 😉

*dusts off feet* *moves on swiftly*


  1. OMG girl… you’ve taken me back 19 years in a few minutes!
    This was so much like what happened with me and the knucklehead’s father (I could never call him “the dad”). They also lived around the corner, and I’ve bumped into them maybe 10 times since Damien was born! Unlike TGC’s parents, they were as disinterested as Damien’s father was- and I didn’t bother to let him know. I got a phone call from him when the knucklehead was about a week old, and all he could talk about was the motorcycle his parents had given him. I told him to leave us alone and that I would do the same, and that was the last I heard.
    I was terrified for years that he’d show up on my doorstep…
    Strongs girl. Give me a scream if I can help with anything.

  2. LOL now I’m going to be looking at every man in that shop and wondering if it’s him!

  3. Angel, thanks hun. We’ll see what happens next. I’d be very surprised if this is the end of it, but then again I never thought he’d be such an idiot to begin with so what do I know? 😐

    Jeanette, 😆 if you really want to know I’ll mail you a photo? Just say the word.

  4. Wow! Not nice! It is just funny that you could have been so wrong about him… woman’s intuition, gut feel, first impressions and all….
    Maybe give him the benefit of the doubt and make sure that he and his folks did get your announcement. Rather keep your side 100% clean, so that nothing can come back and bite you in the butt,so to speak 🙂
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Ciska, yeah… 😆 funny you should mention that. He did set off my spidey senses early on but for some insane reason I decided not to listen to myself and give him the benefit of the doubt. Oh well, at least I have a beautiful baby girl as a result. I still don’t believe he is completely evil – he just seems a bit broken at the moment. I guess we’ve all been there? If he decides not to be part of Nicola’s life I do know without a doubt that he’s the one who will be missing out because she’s an amazing little girl. Thanks for the advice though – I will at all times attempt to keep my nose clean on this matter. 😉

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