My sanity @ R330 – what a bargain!

29 December , 2009

Nicola has been putting me through my paces at night. During the day she sleeps like that dude who slept a 100 years and then all night long she wants to play or be held or be entertained in general.

Up to yesterday I was an extremely exhausted mommy. You see it’s all fine for her to be up all night and then sleep like a rock during the day but I have had a steady stream of visitors in and out of here since we got home and I get no sleep at all during the day. Even when there’s no one here I battle to switch off – it’s like there is always something that “quickly” needs sorting out and then I can’t sit my ass down until I do it. By the time everything is done, little miss sunshine awakes from her slumber ready to be entertained once more. 😉

Anyhoo, Jenty told me about this magical invention called a Snuggle Nest on Sunday. I know a lot of people frown (and some frown quite heavily) on new parents who sleep with the babies in the bed with them. I’ll be hones though, at this stage I am so tired that I don’t really care how – all I want is some sleep. I don’t need that much really, maybe 4 hours even if it comes in instalments per day will keep me going but I cannot wake up every half an hour like it’s been going.

Where was I going with this again?…Oh right, the snuggle nest! I asked my mom to go pick one up for me from BabyCity yesterday. The thing is meant to help you not smother the baby by accident in your sleep. It has a reinforced box-bit that will help you not roll onto the baby, which is what I am most afraid of since I roll around quite a lot. And it all folds up neatly when you’re not using it – which is also pretty damn cool (space – the final frontier and all that).

The one I got looks more or less like so, except for the sleep positioners on the side – it doesn’t have that:

snuggle-nest It is a marvellous thing this snuggle nest – I will love it forever! 😀

Last night we got to sleep from 22:00 to about 01:30 (when she briefly woke up for a change and a bottle) and then again we slept from about 02:00 till 05:00 this morning. Count it! That’s right – about 6,5 hours of ZzzzZzzzs. I feel like a million bucks today and ready once more for anything the day might throw at me. In fact, I feel so chipper I might just channel some of this buzz into getting my daughter registered at Home Affairs today. If there’s more oomph left after that I might start whipping this disaster zone back into a semblance of shape again – or I might take a nap, dunno yet. 😉

Thanks Jeanette! You are, as always, full of extremely clever ideas! *big well rested huggs*



  1. Who cares what other people think…. at this stage SURIVIVAL of the new mom is most imporatant and that requires SLEEP!!!

  2. Exactly what Wenchy said. You have to think about yourself too… you’ll go looney otherwise. The 1st 6 weeks are hard enough as it is, you need all the help/sleep you can get 🙂
    Glad it worked. She’s lonely in that big cot of hers 😉

  3. Yay! So glad you’ve found a solution! 🙂
    By the way – you may want to check back with the hospital where Nicola was born. Many of them offer a free registration service as part of the package when you birth there. Worth looking into. Otherwise, http://www.kwikwap.co.za/regiserve/wmenu.php is fantastic.
    Unless, of course, you feel you want to brave the Home Affairs queues yourself. Sometimes you do just want to get out a bit…

  4. Squeeza!

    She is adorable – congrats again. 🙂

    I was so bummed we were over 1000kms away and couldn’t meet her at the hospital but she’s a Bouwer allright, chooses her own schedule!

    I’m so glad you’re doing so well, a hell of a lot better than I ever did from the sounds of things. 🙂

    Let me know if you need anything, cookies, slap chips etc. and remember I’m just a tether away.

    Smooches ❤

  5. Wenchy, it really is going much better now with the nest thingy. 😀 And you’re right – who cares what they think!

    Jeanette, she sleeps just fine in it during the day – but at night I think it’s too quiet and too dark for her. Poor baby… :-)What happens after 6 weeks? Does it get easier? (Ps! Thanks for your help last night – she’s doing much better today).

    MeeA, thanks for the info. If I don’t have any joy with Home Affairs by next week I might do exactly that. Yesterday after standing in a stupid queue for more than an hour, getting shunted from building to building and desk to desk we get to the person who does it and the f-ing system is down can you believe it?! So my friend Denise lashed into them for making me queue with stiches 😉 and even though I have to come back next week – I don’t have to wait and can now go right through when I get there.

    Tammy! You’re back? Yay! 😀 I was sorry that you didn’t get to meet her straight away either – we’ll have to fix that straight away. If you’re not to busy pop round some time this week for a chat and a look-see. How was your holiday by the way?

  6. Yay for sleep!!!
    I used to sleep with the knucklehead in my bed. He’d wake for a feed, I’d stick him on one boob, and we’d both go to sleep! When he woke again- ifd he did- I stuck him on the other boob and we went back to sleep! Back then co-sleeping didn’t exist, but we did it for ages!!

  7. Louisa, all your little princess needs now is lots of love. Who gives a hoot for rules and regulations and feeding on the 4hour schedule and things like that.
    The most important thing is for the 2 of you to settle into a relaxed routine that works for both.
    You’re not really known for sticking to other people’s rules, are you?
    So why start now?
    Just enjoy this bonding period.

  8. Angel, I’, starting to think my kid is afraid of the dark. She’s perfectly happy to sleep in the cot during the day but as soon as it’s night she wants to hear a heartbeat next to hers before she’ll even consider closing an eye!

    Antie, I’m not really in the habit of letting people tell me what to do…don’t worry, it’s not a habit I plan to cultivate for this coming year either. 😉

  9. Cameron slept with us – was the only way the kid would sleep. We do what we must 🙂

    This little thing looks very cool though!

  10. Laura, it really does a lot for my sleeping. There’s no way I’d let her in bed with me without it because I’d be terrified that I’d roll over her in my sleep. Whenever possible I keep her in the cot though because that’s where the baby monitor is, and it won’t work in the nest because it might pick up my breathing instead of hers. There are more or less 4 hours a day that she won’t sleep on her own and those are the ones between midnight and 04:00am. I seriously think my baby is afraid of the dark, poor lamb.

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