Not for sissies!

28 December , 2009

This new mom stuff is not for the feint hearted I’ll tell you. I can honestly say I have never been quite as tired as I am right now.

My baby is an absolute sweetheart. She is the cutest, prettiest, most intelligent baby ever – and no! I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom. She was just one week old on Saturday and she can already smile, turn herself, and steal the heart of anyone who lays eyes on her…that’s impressive, not so? 😉

If you don’t believe me you can have a look at these stunning photos Jenty took at Nicola’s newborn photo shoot yesterday. Thanks Jeanette, they really are amazing! I can’t wait to see the rest.

 Introducing Nicola

At the moment I am so exhausted because the only little niggle is that Nicola seems to be fully nocturnal. Honestly, during the day I have to change her nappy just to get her to wake up for a feed or she’ll sleep right through – but at night time she is more likely to sprout wings than sleep longer than an hour.

But I’m not complaining. I’m crying a little bit into my coffee because I’m just to tired not to, but I’m not complaining. And if you had a little angel-baby who woke up every night just to smile at you, or just because she wanted a kiss and a cuddle from you, or who already learnt to turn herself over so that she could follow the sound of your voice when you walk into a room, you wouldn’t complain either.

You’d just be humbled by her love like I am.

I know I didn’t stick up the quotes of the week and I could write a bit more often, let’s be honest. Promise, I’ll get round to it eventually when I find my feet, but right now there is a pillow with my name on it and at least 4 hour to spend some quality time with lala-land.

I'd rather play with you mommy



  1. Hope you get her to understand day and night soon! She really is a beautiful baby 🙂

  2. Shurrup you! Don’t you worry about the quotes of the week! Not only do you have the hardest job in the world, you also have the most important one! Nicola comes first!!!

    Jenty’s photos are absolutely GORGEOUS. She is SO SO SO beautiful! All that hair! Sheesh!

  3. awwwww…
    I totally get it about the tiredness. Seriously, sleep whenever you can and don’t even worry about all the other stuff. And if the tiredness starts becoming too much and you start feeling down, Jungle Juice and Nervuton are wonderful!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! Enjoy her.

  5. I’m still emotional, just reading about her! What an amazing bundle of love!

  6. Sleep whenever possible. Every little bit.

    She is really pretty babe. Adorable.

  7. Lovely post. She is very cute – love the mop of hair 🙂

  8. Jeanette, thanks I hope so too. I’m trying that not talking bit with her, not too difficult to stick to that since I’m too tired to say anything coherent to her anyway. 😉

    acidicice, 😀 remember this when it’s your turn okay? I’m not afraid of dropping some of the balls. My focus isn’t on them at the moment anyway.

    MeeA, I really must get my hands on the recipe for that stuff.

    Sonkind, thank you! 😀

    Alet, she does kind of melt your heart with that little smile doesn’t she? She has us all completely wrapped around her finger!

    Wenchy, thanks! I’m trying…

    Tanya, I hope she doesn’t lose the hair – it really is very cute. I had the same do when I was born and I didn’t lose mine, so maybe she’ll be lucky. 🙂

  9. Too too beautiful!!

  10. 🙂

  11. I am a bit behind. Just saw the pics on Jeanettes blog – they are spectacular. She is beautiful Louisa!!!!

    That tired feeling never really goes away 🙂

  12. Laura, 😆 thank you! I really love those photos that Jeanette took – they really are stunning. 😀

  13. She is soooo beautiful – Louisa!

  14. DT, thank you! She really is, and getting even prettier by the day (hard to believe I know!) 😀

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