Welcome to the world my precious angel, Nicola…

23 December , 2009

My baby never got a chance to be a watermelon (Week 39) or a pumpkin (Week40).

39miniwatermelon 40smallpumpkin

Instead, she went straight from Week 38 – Leek to beautiful baby girl on Saturday 19 December 2009! 😀

We had had a C-section booked initially for the 2nd of January, later moved to the 1st which was my actual due date in any case. The reason why I opted for a C-section was because the doctor told me she would hatch at roughly 4kg! and because since I haven’t had any babies before I could only try and look at the info in light of my family history and in my family history (particularly my mom) 4kg was not going to happen without problems. In the end I decided that it would be safer for her and for me if we put a sunroof in.

At that point the doctor wanted to put the sunroof in on the 22nd of December, but I said that since she was coming out that way I’d prefer her to be able to either pick her own birthday (before the 1st of January) or at least hang on for the new school year (1st and beyond), to which the doctor agreed. In the event of me going into labour earlier we would just do an emergency sunroof – which is exactly what happened on Saturday.

What a big moment, hearing my daughter’s first cry as they helped her into the world. I couldn’t help but start crying too. And she kept on crying and crying until they put her on my chest. I looked at that little face and said to her, “What’s wrong? Would you like to have a name? Would you feel better if you at least knew who you were?” She looked at me all serious like whimpering and I said, “Welcome to the world Nicola Bouwer” and I’m not kidding – she stopped crying immediately.

I can’t take my eyes off her – she’s such a little miracle. 😀

Now, I can tell you the story bit by bit or I can show you with photos, and avoid leaving bits out? That’s what I thought… 😉

1)  I asked my mom to come with me into theatre for two reasons: partly because she’s my mom! Of course I want her there and partly because she used to be a nurse, there’s no ways she’s passing out in the middle of it and leaving me by myself. (My mom also took all the theatre photos & a video clip of the birth which is awesome – thanks Mom!). When we got to theatre I joked that I got the short end of the stick in the pajama raffle because at least every one else’s pajamas had a behind!

Mom's theatre pajamasHere they’re opening up my sunroof. I had an epidural – which felt so weird! Even though I could feel tugging and pushing I felt no pain. In the end I was so happy I chose to go with the epidural because hearing her first cry really was such a BIG moment, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on that.

Sunroof installation

After they took her out, she was taken by the paediatrician for a check up and to take the apgar score. She scored 9 out of 10 in the first minute and 10 out of 10 in the fifth.

I want my mommy!Then they brought her back to me…and I got my first good look at her, and of course named her. You can see from the before and after photos that she approves. 😀

Mom and Squishy Mom and Nicola

And here’s our doctor who helped! Doesn’t he look all friendly and professional? I highly recommend him. If anyone needs a good great awesome doctor and can travel to Fourways to see him – let me know, I’ll hook you up.  Nicola and Dr. Moller - sunroof installer extraordinaireAfter they closed me up again we were wheeled away to the ward.

Copy of 20091219229 Just a few of the first photos taken of my angel with and without hats. They hat to eventually stick a premie hat on her, they green newborn one was making her look like a little pink ganster…waaaaay too big. 😛

Hat on Hat off - look at my pretty hair!

What? That's how I roll... aaah. much better

The whole family got a chance to welcome her. I haven’t managed to snap a piccie of Sparrow with her yet or uncle Riaan holding her – but we’ll get there. 😉 (they seem to be scared of breaking her – this is my kid – she’s tough!)

Uncle Riaan, Ouma and NicolaNicola and Oupa Ouma and Nicola

I promise, I’m not going to make a habit of sticking nekkid photos on my baby on here, but I just had to show you this face! Nicola, not enjoying her first bath so much really…

Copy of 20091220240And Nicola, doing the “How could you do that to me?” whimper, alternated with the “Thank you for saving me from the wetness” shiver. 😆 Poor little monkey.

Copy of 20091220241More unbelievable cuteness…

Copy of 20091221247 What happened next was one pure night of hell an tantrums and NO sleep. Nicola’s silly mommy in a moment of who-knows-what changed something that was clearly working. I stopped the top up bottle feeds to try and get the breast feeding moving along swiftly. In theory she’d work a bit harder for it, stimulate milk production and we’d live happily ever after…in practice none of that happened, plus the colustrum dried up, the little princess got overtired and crampy and screamed all through the night.

This is the moment where we cried uncle and went on to the bottle again in defeat.

Copy of 20091222257At round about 5:00am she thankfully fell asleep again, leaving a very tired and frazzle-nerved mommy in her wake to deal with the whole check out and discharge procedure and the onset of the blues. I don’t recommend it on less than an hour’s sleep, really.

Copy of 20091222263Look at how cute my little munchkin is in her car seat! So tiny…

Copy of 20091222264Anyhoo, we got home…together with our new tin of formula, determined to get the little princess fed one way or another. After a whole day of low level weepies (I was just a little disappointed that I had no milk) and a little bit of catch up sleep I finally decided that if she was going onto formula anyway I might as well have a beer with my dad and Sparrow and unwind a little. Only to find this morning after the 2am feed that I now get damp spots if she cries. Maybe it’s because I’m more relaxed (having actually more or less given up on the idea of breastfeeding) maybe it’s the beer that stimulated the milk coming in (?), I dunno…all I know is it’s another fine example of how having a plan is only ever really a good starting point!

Now, after this enormous ramble and data chomping photo spread you’ll have to excuse me while I go take another catch up nap? My daughter wanted to sit and laugh at me instead of sleep this morning – who am I to say no to a face like that? 🙂



  1. Oh Louisa she is PERFECT!!!! So beautiful!

    Thank goodness the blues lasts a day! I remember it well – it was aweful!

    ENJOY her 🙂

  2. Precious! Congratulations mom

  3. Ah my friend. You did *so* well. Lovely name too. And…you’ll get used to the sleep deprivation thing eventually 🙂

  4. Lady Louisa, she is beautiful. I cried with joy for you while reading this. Funnily enough the beer probably DID help. What about considering pump expressing your milk into a bottle for her when you have boob leakage?

    Well done my love, your little daughter is such a blessing, and she’s chosen an awesome mommy.

    Much love!


  5. She is beautiful! And beer does help… try stout if you can stomach it… but remember – baby shares… keep it real. You are giving Nicola the biggest gift by breastfeeding, so do stick with it if you can. Merry Xmas!

  6. OMG Louisa- lookit all that hair!!
    She’s exquisite!!
    I got quite the lump in my throat reading about all that… Wow…
    Huge congratulations!
    Happy birthday baby Nicola!!!

    PS you’ve got me linked there somewhere… and as much as I love the linkage, I’m pretty sure I’m not the angel you were referring to 😀

  7. Congratulations once again! She is beautiful – and gosh! That head of hair!!!

    My Jack was also reluctant to take the boob when the bottle was so much easier, but my midwife told me to persist and he would catch (and latch!) on. I did and he did. And the wet t-shirt thing kept on happening whenever I heard a baby cry – even several months down the line. Maybe worth giving the breastfeeding another try? If you do, Jungle Juice is AWESOME!

    So glad it went well. May she bring you all the happiness you can have. 🙂

  8. Wow!! Shes so pretty, look at all that hair!

    Were very very happy for you and Nicola

    And so cute!

  9. She is absolutely adorable!!!!!! Huge congrats.

  10. She’s beautiful Louisa! seriously, so pretty for a newborn, I think she’ll be such a cute, beautiful girl. Congrats 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading about the pregnancy since you found out about it (read your blog long before that too) it was nice to read the weekly updates and go along with you kind of 😛

    Beer is awesome hey 😉 this proves it.

    Once again I have to say, omgggggg she’s so lovely! 🙂

  11. P.S I really like the name Nicola

  12. Oh she is BEAUTIFUL!! I cannot wait to take her photos 🙂 I’m phoning you today to organise a date 😉
    Love all that hair.
    Well done Mommy!
    If you’re keen on trying the breastfeeding again, why not ask Sally for some help

  13. Thank you for sharing this day with us. She is a beautiful baby! Congratulations!

  14. Nicola, is a beautiful name, so suited for such a beautiful and pecious little angel. Well done! Welcome to mommy world. I love her mop of beautiful hair x x x

  15. She has so much character in her face! Congrats Louisa I think you will be an amazing Mom, you seem to be taking to it like a natural. Congrats!

  16. she is beautiful, well done

  17. Wow, well done Louisa, she is so beautiful!

  18. I am only reading it now! Now being the official birth date of my lil Logan. You brought a whole rush of emotions with you!

    I am so happy for you, Nicola is beautiful – perfect in every way!

  19. Laura, yip – I was not a pleasure to be around I’m sure. And if there’s one question that really helps me open the taps even further when I’m in the middle of a weepy attack it’s “are you okay?”. Guess what everyone asks when you’re having one?

    Akhona, thank you!

    ExMi, 😆 it’s not the little sleep that gets me. Little to no sleep is something I can run on. It’s when she cries and I don’t know what’s wrong and how I can make her feel better. Helpless is something I don’t deal very well with.

    SheBee, *huggs* thank you! After the beer brought the milk back I am giving breastfeeding abother go. Nicola is now a hybrid baby 😉 boob and bottle combo. Also, I am now more convinced than ever that beer is my friend (in moderation of course). 😀

    Jo-Anne, I could get some stout down if it will help. So far it doesn’t look like the supply will need another push though. I’m doing bottle and breast now, because I think this way she’ll get what she needs from the breast milk and if she doesn’t get enough she’ll get what’s missing from the formula. It seems to be working just fine…

    Angel, hehehe yip…lots of hair, definitely my kid this one. Thanks for popping in yesterday – I know you guys must really be busy getting ready for your big trip, so I appreciate that you made some time to come see us. (I found that link you were talking about – oops! hahaha, sorry but in my writer I’ve set you up as the default link to the word angel that’s why it happened. Fixed it!).

    MeeA, I’ve heard about the damp spot thing before but having it happen to me felt really strange! 😆 We’re doing the breast feeding again, at least until the milk disappears again. Do you have the recipe for that Jungle Juice for me by any chance?

    Timma, thank you! 😀 You guys must come visit us if you can?

    Wenchy, thank you! 🙂

    Chantal, glad to hear you’ve been enjoying our weekly updates. Hope you don’t stop reading now! 😉 And hell yes, beer is AWESOME!

    PS! Thank you! 😀

    Jeanette, I can’t wait for you to take the photos either. You must see how adorable she is when she curls up against me. I could literally hold her all day long. I’ll have a chat to Sally and see if she has any words of wisdom for me.

    Michelle, anytime my friend. Thanks for all the love and support. I wish you guys were closer so that you could come and meet her in person.

    Fairy Girl, 😀 I know every mommy thinks their baby is the most beautiful creature alive, but I’m pretty sure my little Nicola really is! 😉

    Po, awww thank you! It feels right – I can’t even imagine my life without her in it and she’s only been around for less than a week!

    Sally-Jane, thank you! 🙂 Sally, I need to pick your brain about breastfeeding if you have some time? I’ve read everything I can get my hands on, including the very helpful articles on the earthbaby site – but if you have some magic tricks up your sleeve which aren’t written down anywhere I’d love to hear all about it.

    AngelinAfrica, thank you! 😀

    Alet, hahaha I actually forgot about it but now I remember you mentioning it. Looks like our babies share a birthday! She’s really amazing and I love her to bits, I can’t stop looking at her or giving her a cuddles whenever she so much as looks at me.

  20. Hi Brand-new- bit- coping -well-Mommy! Agh, Louisa, She is just THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LITTLE THING. Got het mother’s spirit, that I can see.
    The main thing to remember here, is to keep the main thing, thi main thing——- and that is, to relax, bond, cuddle and enjoy your beautiful Nicola.
    Lots of love to both of you.

  21. She’s really so beautiful!

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  23. Congratulations! She’s precious.

  24. Have you told her yet that her nickname will be Squishy? 🙂

  25. Congratulations!!! She is SO gorgeous!!!

  26. Antie, thank you! 🙂

    Syllable, she really is! I can’t stop looking at her.

    JD, 😀 thanks!

    Don’t believe, hehehe – I think she’s starting to suspect that.

    Melany, thank you!

  27. […] arrival of Nicola has been hugely anticipated in the local blogging and Twitter community, as her mommy Louisa has been blogging for years and Louisa even tweeted on her way to the hospital!  I couldn’t […]

  28. […] years old.  I am overwhelmed.  Lost for words!  Last night (early this morning) I was reading Louisa’s birth story.  And I sat remembering the moment my life changed […]

  29. […] years old.  I am overwhelmed.  Lost for words!  Last night (early this morning) I was reading Louisa’s birth story.  And I sat remembering the moment my life changed […]

  30. […] years old.  I am overwhelmed.  Lost for words!  Last night (early this morning) I was reading Louisa’s birth story.  And I sat remembering the moment my life changed […]

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