Noooo pressure!

17 December , 2009


Everyone in my house has been placing bets on when squishy will arrive. There’s a R10 buy in and you only get to pick one date. Between my brother and Sparrow there seems to be more riding on this bet than just the arrival of my daughter – they are also competing for the title of “He who knows everything”!

Sparrow’s date has passed already, and today is Riaan’s date – I have received strict instructions from both my mom and Sparrow that they don’t actually care what day she comes as long as it’s NOT today! In the meantime my brother is chuckling all the time and talking to the belly to encourage her to come and Sparrow is talking to her too telling her to stay put till at least tomorrow.

I’ll pretend to have some sort of control over it then, shall I? 😆 She’ll come when she’s ready and not a moment sooner or later – nothing much I can do about that. 😉



  1. Ha, ha…. I remember all the bets taking place when I had Abigail. She arrived on her due date, likewise so did Joshua!

  2. She’s still not here??? I had a feeling on Sunday that she’s made her appearance… Thought of you the whole morning (from like 6, when I woke up!!!)

    Spring net op en af, dalk werk dit…

    Ernstig nou, hulle se ‘n glasie wyn is so goed soos ‘n ejector seat.

  3. I agree – let her come when she is ready! I never had a chance to experience this, Logan was 4 weeks prem!

  4. hahaha, I remember when you first told me about the bet, just classic!

  5. Teehee… and what is your bet?

  6. If she waits a wee while she could be a Christmas baby. Let us know asap! (and it is possible, I for instance was due on June 4th. I arrived, eventually, on June 25th).

  7. Leigh-Ann, looks like you have very punctual children? 😉 I was 2 weeks late myself – so we’ll see when this one decides it’s time.

    Jacky, 😆 dankie vir die raad – maar ek is heel rustig oor die hele ding. Sy moet kom wanneer sy gereed is, ek gaan haar nie aanjaag nie.

    Alet, she’s got until the 2nd of January to pick her own birthday before the doctor does it for her – he actually wanted to yank her out next week already but I convinced him that she deserved a chance to try and make it to the new school year.

    Chris, 😆 it’s not even a lot of money involved! They’re just doing it for bragging rights. Now they’ve both lost so there should be either some sort of truce or a new side bet.

    Angel, I put my money on the 22nd – just cause I like the number and it would have me home by Christmas.

    TBFKAMP, sjoe! You really did take your time huh? 😉 She could easily be a Christmas baby, because her actual due date is only on New Year’s.

  8. Wow Squishy is really comfy in moms tummy, isnt she. Yes she could well be a Christmas baby. Bradley was only due mid-Jan. and he popped out on Christmas Day just in time for presents! Either way, by the time most of us come back from leave, you’ll be holding your little daughter in your arms.

  9. Yup, lazy by nature I’m afraid :p

  10. Momcat, every day at some point I end up thinking: This is IT! And then it goes away and I realise it’s been another spectacular round of Braxton Hicks. 😆 I hope that there’s a clear enough difference between this and the real deal for me to take notice when it eventually happens.

    TBFKAMP, maybe you just needed to build a bit of momentum because no one can accuse you of being lazy now? 😉

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