Clipped wings

8 December , 2009

I’m still merrily nesting here in case you were wondering. Yesterday I washed all the towels, facecloths, socks, booties, hats, bibs and newborn stuff – today it’s 0-3 months and all the blankets, tomorrow I’ll do the 6-12 month stuff and the nappies, and then the day after I should wrap it up with the 12 months and beyond baby clothes.

In between I had grand plans of going to the mall today and getting my Christmas shopping done and dusted but my illusions have been shattered. Sparrow has forbidden me to drive by myself… 😆 Well, not forbidden-forbidden exactly (which is a good thing because that tactic never works on me – I’m too full of shit), he just strongly disapproves. He’s concerned about what will happen to me if I suddenly go into labour and I’m off somewhere on my own – which I suppose is a valid concern. I’m not sure what I would do if that actually happened, and realistically it could.

Yesterday I quickly popped out to go pick up some meds for my mom during the day. I got a very stern talking to about driving on my own over dinner last night. And as luck would have it my feet swelled up like no one’s business yesterday too and between my parents and Sparrow I have been made quite aware that I am not taking it easy enough. Feet up, no driving – simple orders to follow if you don’t have nesting ants in pants and sudden inspirational flashes of perfect gifts for the impending festive season.

But I will behave… 😛 because I know they are only worried that I’m pushing too hard. I’ll whale and nest at a more leisurely pace and stay home unless I can convince someone to take me out for a waddle or wherever I need to go.

This being responsible stuff isn’t as much fun as they make it out to be sometimes you know. ;-) 



  1. LOL, it’s crap not having the independance to go where ever you want to go, whenever you want

  2. Sparrow sounds like a sweetheart, albeit an overprotective one 😉

  3. Its only for a little while. Dont do any climbing on chairs or anything either. Wish I had had a sparrow when I was preggers (especially for the 2nd time with an older 2.5 yo daughter). No rest then for preggy mommy. My ex didnt have that kind of sympathy. Enjoy this last time to veg. out while you can kiddo. Let sparrow do whatever he can to help you while he is there.

  4. How lovely to be surrounded by such love and affection 🙂

    Enjoy it – I would pay someone to say “dont go anywhere”

  5. I know how you feel but it is fab to have people take care of you and shower you with love and affection. Enjoy the last few weeks:) Remember “feet up” 🙂

  6. How sweet is he!
    I am glad you’re taking it easy now.

  7. Jeanette, I must say it takes some getting used to – I can’t complain too much though, between my mom, Sparrow, Tammy and Wanette I have still managed to get everywhere I need to go.

    Tamara, he is a sweetheart… 😆 you’ve met him now, so you probably have a much better understanding of him? 😉

    Momcat, I am not doing anything more risky than getting in and out of the pool on my own – believe me! It means a lot to me to have people around who worry about me, I might make jokes about it but I do appreciate the concern really. 🙂

    Laura, 😆 I bet you might have someone like that around already – you just have to give him the opportunity to say that?

    Leigh-Ann, yes mom! Hehehe, same to you of course – feet up as much as you can. once you bring your little princess home it will be running round all the way.

    Angel, yeah he really is. 😆 The day before yesterday he gave my mom this BIG lecture about not phoning me and checking in on me enough. I told him my parents know if I need help I’ll just phone so they assume everything is cool unless they hear from me. He wanted to know what i would do if I couldn’t get to my phone, so I told him I ALWAYS have it with me…now he’s spent a day pinching my phone from me at every opportunity he gets to prove me wrong.

  8. I’m so glad Sparrow making it his priority to take care of you and lil one!

  9. Alet, 😀

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