Week 28 : She’s a Chinese Cabbage!

11 October , 2009

28chinesecabbageOkay, this week we’re not going to worry so much about what Babycentre says…because we had our 28 week scan on Friday so there’s not so much guessing involved in this week’s update.

Squishy is doing good. The doctor says that she’s 1,3kg now – which is on the top end of average and that everything looks perfectly fine. Also he is positive she is a girl. I’m guessing if my gut feel and three separate doctors all agree that she is indeed a she, the odds are pretty damn good that she is not going to pop out a he on B-day. 😉

You might have been wondering how the check-up went with the plan B doctor? Lemme tell you all about it: Firstly, he has the most peculiar questionnaire that you have to complete when they create a file for you at that practice. I answered most of the questions but some I felt were too bizarre and or none of his business, luckily the paper allows for some writing space so that I could be cheeky on it.

Secondly, the poor man almost had a little panic attack when he saw me (for the first time at 28 weeks). His first question to me was something along the lines of, “Please tell me that you have actually been seeing A doctor during this pregnancy?!”. He relaxed a bit when I told him he was the third. Then I explained to him about the thing with my original doctor and the brain cancer and the stand-in being so pathetic that I refused to go back. He wanted to know if I was aware that my original doctor was back in circulation again and I assured him that I was aware. The thing is just that I’m not sure if my first doctor really is ready to be back in the saddle or if he just came back a month and a half early because he was losing too many patient (and money). Plan B doc knows original doc and he tells me that he’s looking fine for the most part but that he has some hearing problems – some noises he can’t hear, some really hurt him and since he’s been back plan B doc has had to stand in for him on occasion when he was supposed to attend to a birth and just couldn’t do it.

That is EXACTLY the kind of situation I’ve been trying to avoid. That is how my plan B doctor became my plan A doctor. It’s just a relief to know who will be there when B-day comes for squishy.

And on top of doc giving squishy a good report he says I’m doing good too. Blood pressure is looking just peachy, but he reckons it might go up a bit and he grabbed me by the ankle at some point to check out how swollen they were (a little, but not too much). He doesn’t believe my tale of the miracle copper bracelets – but that’s okay. They don’t have to work for him, as long as they keep working for me. 🙂

I’m having the leg cramps. Not so nice – and I tell you what, I think I know where it comes from too. In the last week I have really “blossomed” (a.k.a. getting more in touch with my inner whale), and it feels like I have a toddler jumping on my lap all day long. Sheesh, but this kid is a little fire cracker. I don’t know what she’s up to but it’s getting wilder every day. (I’m not complaining mind you – I like feeling her bounce around and so far the cramps have not been beyond what you can sort out with a microwave bean bag or a nice warm bath anyway). The funniest thing to see is when she has hiccups. My potbelly does these little rhythmic jumps for a few minutes. Hehehehe.

I did get some photos at the last scan, but they’re not that clear and I can’t get them scanned in now anyway. My dad usually scans them in for me, because he has the software on his laptop – but my parents left yesterday to go see some other whales in Hermanus for a week. I’ll see how they look after they’re scanned, maybe in a week or two I’ll stick em up, otherwise just check the October photo album on facebook (when it comes up anyway), I’ll definitely be in there too.


  1. Sjoe, D-day is getting soon!!!

  2. The leg cramps are common hey! Its a lack of calcium – I had them both times around – was dam sore 😦

    Glad you have sorted the Drs out!

  3. Hmmm. I don’t have a plan B doctor. Fork. What if I need one? I must stop reading pregnancy blogs! They make me panic!!!

    Glad your squishy is doing so well 🙂

  4. Glad you have settled on a Doc and that you guys are both healthy. Of course she’s a firecracker – she’s your daughter!

  5. So glad you’re both doing well AND YOU FOUND A DOCTOR!!!

  6. Chris, I know! These last 28 weeks have really zipped past.

    Laura, thanks – me too. Calcium you say? That would be not so good news, I can’t take extra calcium at all.

    acidicice, I don’t think you need a plan B doctor. 😉 I would also only have had one if something serious didn’t happen to him in the middle of this adventure.

    Tamara, Hahaha…true! 😛

    Angel, me too! 😀

  7. Hey!

    Great news about the new doc… Plan B = Plan Best? have you tried singing to her – maybe that’ll quiet the fireworks. Remember how we used to sing as kids (before I realised what tone-deaf meant)?

  8. PS What is this icon next to my name? It looks like a little purple devil?

  9. Jacky, I don’t mind the fireworks. Mostly it tickles, and it’s a nice way to know that she’s still doing well. (You?! Tone-deaf?! Naaaah…I’d still sing with you.) 😉

    The little purple devil is an avatar WordPress automatically assigned to you because you don’t have a user name and avatar loaded (if you had a blog and a linked picture it would show that instead). I don’t know how it decided on the purple devil, or even if it will always pick that for you – but it suits you, don’t you think? 😆

  10. I am glad that you have your plan B doctor sorted out now. Less stress means happy Mama and happy Squishy…

    You do realise that any name you may give to Squishy on B-day may become pointless as I will always think of her (and most probably call her) Squishy! :-p

  11. Freddy, I was having a svery similar discussion with my mom the other day (although I think her main motivation was to get me to pick a name). And I said I don’t see the problem with calling her squishy now and then – after all my parents call me Heksie often and I still know what my real name is? 😉

    I’m very relieved to have the doctor bit sorted out now…it brings a level of certainty to the adventure.

  12. I am glad you finally have a proper dr. I never had a plan B!

  13. Thanks Wenchy, believe me – I’d have preferred it if my plan A doctor just stayed healthy and where I needed him most, but plan B isn’t turning out too badly either at least.

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