Shussssh! Don’t say that B-word…

10 March , 2008


The B-word is “basically”… (I feel dirty just typing it to be honest – I’m only telling you so that you won’t think the B-word is Bitch 😉 ).

Where I work this is considered worse than a swear word. The reason being that when you use this word it means that you are talking down to someone because you think they’re too stupid understand you if you don’t break it down to damn near baby words for them. And if you use this word all the time and that is not what you mean to do, then perhaps the time has come for you to think about what you are really saying. Words have meaning – they are not just there to fill up the silence you know? 😛

Swearing will get you a R10 fine where I work, using the B-word will get you walking round with the letter B written on your forehead in permanent marker for the rest of the day. This will help you appreciate how it feels to someone when you make them feel stupid.

I quite like like this arrangement, maybe because this isn’t a word that I would normally use. Now that I know how derogatory it is, I can’t help but hear it EVERYWHERE! For instance on TV…I was watching TV while doing some ironing (I know, terribly exciting life I lead) and I saw this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser (a weight loss game show type thing), the guy who got voted off used the B-word like an “uhm” to fill the gaps between his words…I swear he used it more than 100 times during this one episode. Guess he doesn’t realise what it means? That or he thinks everyone around him is an idiot?

Anyway, it just made me itch to hear it so many times in one day and I wanted to share that with you all. 🙂 At least now if you want to throw it out there you’ll know how it may be perceived by the person you’re talking to?


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  1. Well, basically ironing is not such a boring activity? Basically it makes you look better and then like, basically, you will feel better too. I mean, basically it is just one of that basically silly tasks we just basically have to do you know? Basically speaking that is, if you basically understand what I want to convey here, because basically it is about alot more than just the obvious, basic is’t it? 😉

  2. well… basically i understand what you’re saying… i could basically go on and on like da mario basically did but that would basically just be silly… right? 🙂

  3. […] Wat besiel ‘n uit en uit Kapenaar om ‘n naweek in Pretoria te gaan deur bring.  Wel 2 dinge basies (OK, Louise, ek sal nie basies sê nie): […]

  4. Mwaahahahahaha! Okay, now that everyone’s had a change to get that out of their systems…please, please…pretty please…can we drop the word from our vocabularies? 😉

  5. basically that would be impossible 😉

  6. *sob*
    Say it aint so!

  7. Louisa, I will try very hard today not to use basically today! 😆

  8. I think I jinxed myself by talking about it so much…I had to wear a B today and this isn’t even a word that I normally use! 😐

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