Poem Day : Mercy

17 January , 2008

This one from the archives today – I did actually write a new one, but I can’t share it (yet). Anyhoo, hope you enjoy this one…it’s one of the first poems I ever wrote. (I know it’s a bit chaotic, but I have just never been able to make myself rewrite it).

There will be rambling again tomorrow, promise! 😉


Today seems like a very popular day to give birth. 😉 I’d like to wish a big happy birthday to HooX, Marike and SuperEts! Hope you all have an awesome birthday, and that the year ahead holds only great adventures for each of you.


*Clicking on the image will take you to DeviantART where you can learn more about the art and the artist


  1. wow… who was he!? lemme smack him one!!!?!?!

  2. Hahahaha…aaaw thanks angel! 😀 *hugg*

    Like I said – very old poem this one – I wrote it when I was 16!

    He was my first boyfriend, and utter swine if I may say so. But there is no need to smack anyone, he took some fungus-poison after it dawned on him what an a-hole he was, and although he did not actually die of his attempted suicide, I have every reason to believe that he was destructive and self-destructive enough to have found another way to off himself since then with any of his other poisons of choice (I think the one he was fondest one was perhaps morphine? He believed that if you ODed on that you would change colour and become bronze).

    Strange man…what was I thinking?!

    I like this poem (a lot), maybe that’s why I have never tried to pretty it up.

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