Relatively speaking – this was one bizarre day!

30 May , 2007

Ever heard of the (Lazlo’s) Chinese Relativity Axiom? Well, it goes like this: No matter how great your triumphs, or how tragic your defeats, approximately one billion Chinese couldn’t care less. That kind of puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it? 😉

What an adventure filled couple of days. Here follows the strange sequence of events…

  • The wily ultimate survivor rat in the roof (who is insanely good at escaping and revenge) once more chews through our water supply pipe. – Dear Splinter: Are you perhaps trying to kill us? Who do you think is going to buy the dog food that you love so much?
  • During the D.Y.I. fixing of the pipe (try chewing through a copper pipe you little bastard! Bwahahahaha!) the geyser develops some mysterious electrical problem and stops being operational.
  • The ADSL feels the peer pressure and stops working too, causing much frustration and the creation of at least one new curse on the spawn of Telkom.
  • Exactly two minutes after I finished boiling bath water on the stovetop and kettle, the power also deserts me.

Do I cry like a little baby? Do I take it all as a sure sign to stay in bed and forget about today? Do I curl up in a little ball (in the dark) and wait, because all this too will pass? Hell no! I have a bath by candle light and smile a silly smile because it just occurred to me that UNISA haven’t mailed me back on my urgent exam rescheduling request and I can take all this out on them. 🙂


I managed to track down the actual person responsible for not answering my mail (I only had to traipse across an entire campus and search 4 buildings. After I received my new exam date (my mama didn’t raise no fools), I let her have a piece of my mind…and then some. Parting words, “It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals!” Queue grand exit…fun and efficient. I had three e-mail replies from her by the time I got home (poor baby).

And wouldn’t you know it, the water and hot water is back on, the ADSL recovered as mysteriously as it started having trouble, the power is back on again, and the exterminators are due tomorrow morning first thing. *sigh* A good day I think…


  1. A good day indeed…. perhaps you should try and adopt Splinter. He’s becoming a legend, imagine all the tales he’s telling his friends over a beer or two!

  2. Hahaha! Da Mario – I don’t have to imagine too hard because he invites them over for some late night soccer in our ceiling. Nope, this has got to end. Who knows what he will chew next?

  3. Lol!! Should have called him “Chewy”, imagine how HE would have felt knowing some vermin shared his name… 😀

  4. Hahahaha…I wouldn’t do that. I like chatting to Chewy. 🙂

  5. Or maybe you should catch him and send it to the Unisa people/electricity people/ADSL people as a gift…

  6. Toby, that is an excellent idea! 😛
    I’d rather send it to Unisa though, Telkom might just use it as an excuse.

  7. My dear today is an all’s well that ends well day!
    Why must we fight to get what we asked for in the first place??

  8. I don’t know really M…why can we all just get along? 😉

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